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It hurts like hell. They’re in the bunker, it must be around midnight. ( I have no idea if this short thing is worth my tag list, but here ya go guys <3 ), Destiel/Forever Tags: @adoptdontshoppets @rebeloftheseas @ablavalba @smodernlife @ignis-glaciesque @xsghn @certaindeanwinchesterforcastiel @trenchcoatsandfreckles @helpmeluci @legendary-destiel @leahslovelylibrary, Stumbled upon this gem. My name's Dem and for this FIRST video, I am, as I promised on my Wattpad account, reading some Fan Fiction. “Hey, are you alright?” he asks, carefully. No! I lost you on the way, because of the bad weather, and when I found you I thought that…I thought you were dead.”. Cas smiles, his cheeks turning even redder. He doesn’t want to see how the life fades in his love’s eyes. It’s hungry. My Devoted Fans make it possible for me to continue writing and drawing while juggling my obligations as a mother, wife, and university student. A firm silhouette appears out of the shadows. Original content that can't be found anywhere else (including my m/m romance stories that are not fan fiction). “I - I…,” he shakes his head, softly, his eyes wide and honest, “I knew you would sneak out…I knew it! Let’s shop some pretty crystals!”, Originally posted by cordiallysupernatural, That was part one! The lights are not as bright as they are during the day. He’s in his room, sitting on his bed. Cas shakes his head, rapidly, with tears in his eyes. No. He shivers. Dean looks down in himself, checking how bad he’s hurt. Dean sneaks down the floor, always close to the wall in case he needs something to hold on. “My mum loves you. He looks pretty tired, squinting his eyes. Dean makes a face, trying to pull the old door open, that hopefully leads to the floor of the old house. It took you a while, huh?” she asks, raising an eyebrow. “But - but what if you’ll never see him again? He blinks, looking everywhere but not to Cas. Until we’re meant to be together. He tastes like home, and Dean completely loses himself in his presence. That’s what I do. “You can’t leave me! His hands are going to his throat, his eyes are wide, and filled with pure fear. The young woman just smiles, patting his shoulder. You can’t, he was…he was your brother!”. Warnings: a good amount of angst, fluffy ending ( aka one of my fav things to do XD ), A/N: What even is the layout of this title?! He did. We need to stop this stubborn witch until we all need to pay for that person’s mistakes! You need to focus. Someone. Dean nods, slowly. Drive. When Dean wakes up the next morning, he lies in his own bed. “What do you think I did?” he asks, his tongue running over his bottom lip. My poor, little Castiel!”, “Stop it!” he yells, pulling her hands away, firmly, “Someday, I’ll scare the shit out of you!”. Calm down, Dean! He tries to slow his breathing, carefully. Mum wants to talk to us,” she says, raising her eyebrows. Responsibilities are right around the corner, and if that doesn’t scare anyone else in the world, well fuck them. She’s the perfect, relaxed picture of a High Priestess who lives in this century. Castiel was the only one who could save himself. He looks up to the other, diving into the blue seas that are his eyes. Dean narrows his eyes, expecting thousands of demons to run him over. The highways are dark and empty. He balls his fists and can feel the mark pulsing. “This is not an answer, Dean. As if she called for it, a tall man enters the room. And the time before that time. Dean growls. His heart skips a beat as he takes a look inside the room behind. See more castiel fluff GIFs! Cas swallows: “Uh, this isn’t my blood by the way. They’re covering every inch on the top of Cas’ shelves, making it look like he’s surrounded be leaves. “My sweet, innocent angel,” it purrs. Cas sighs: “That was exactly what you said last time. The look on Jo’s face says it all. As an answer, he grabs Cas by the shoulders and pulls him into another long and passionate kiss. Ellen tries her best, but she wants to be treated like every other witch in the house. “Maybe Henry. Things are starting to get out of control as their High Priestess, Ellen Harvelle, confronts him with her worries that there could be traitors among them…, A/N: Welcome to this mini series! She rolls her eyes as Cas enters the room, and nods to an empty seat on her side. He licks his lips. I’ll be judging you if this isn’t on your blog, This song has two effects on me;Either I´m singing it out loud, banging my head and playing air guitar like the maniac I amOr I´m sobbing on the floorNOTHING IN BETWEEN, Originally posted by winchester-girlfriend, Summary: Castiel Novak is having a peaceful life. In that moment he wants nothing more than to believe that, while being with his family, working on a solution together. You belong to me, Cas. He coughs, quietly. A demonic orgy that turned out to be a gigantic massacre or what?”. But in that moment all the worries are gone. “There is a telephone in it. “Yeah, I’m glad to,” the hunter adds, thoughtfully. Dean feels like there are a thousand of butterflies trapped in his chest, and he breathes heavily. With me,” Dean whispers near the other’s ear, his voice soft and dark. “I am. He hits his hands on the steering wheel while driving. The next thing he feels are the heavy claws of a monster made out of shadows, slicing his throat. He annoyed me. There is nothing but darkness. “I hope so. Dean chuckles, then he just says it: “I think I’m in love with you too, Cas.”. destiel | one shot - One Shot 1| Siedem dni na miłość. Dean winces, his head flows up. Surprisingly, it’s Jo who crashes right into another person. And now I’m here with one of the heaviest hangovers I’ve ever had. And for a heartbeat, it all seems like the mountains of problems in his life can be solved one day. “I’m a nice guy,” he says, trying his best to balance the tons of bags on his shoulders. I already ordered them, they must be at the shop. I had to stop him. Don’t you dare to pass out! She’s wearing a cute dress in a dark colour, her eyes are shining in the sunlight that falls through the room’s window. He was hot as hell,” she answers with a dreamy sigh. And talent, of course,” she hums with a wide smile on her lips, “I though you could use a good scare. Dean can’t help, and an ironic laughter bursts out of his lungs: “Really? Just in case you were worried.” He looks down on his filthy clothes. The hunter always fears that if tears start to come out, they’re never going to stop streaming down his cheeks. “Okay. Then he stops and retires. It’s a floor made of wood, probably of an old, empty house. And then someone clutches the frame with bloody hands, pulling himself into Dean’s sight, slowly. “Woah,” is all he manages to say, he doesn’t even try to hide his excitement. There are cuts all over his body. ♡ There are a few parts in progress. Even for this distance, Cas can see how handsome he is. The angel hesitates. “What did you do in that room?” he asks, pointing in the direction where Cas came from. “Thanks, honey,” he mutters, giving the angel a small kiss. That was twenty years ago. The younger Winchester just stands there, nodding and glaring at Cas, carefully. What did you do? New favorite Destiel video . “Fine,” he shrugs, “If you can’t live without me, guys, I’ll stay.” Then he grabs his stuff, turns around and makes his way back to his room while Cas and Sam are staring at him. His knees are giving in, and he falls to the ground, one hand clutching on his heart. You must be kidding me!” He throws his arms in the air, his tongue running over his bottom lip, uncomfortably. Someone chuckles behind him. A new one-shot series that's a continuation of Dean's Special Little Catboys. <3, Feel free to tell me if you found mistakes, too. Then the man leaves, and the young woman can’t help but stare after him. Dean starts to panic, he can already feel his heart beating faster. You have done great in the last weeks, both of you. What the hell have you done to him?” he asks, and swallows. Trust me. Dean steps closer, slowly. Their eyes are burned out, seems like some of them were additionally stabbed with an angel blade too. It’s full of spiderwebs and dirt, so he’s pretty sure about the ‘empty’ part. There you go. The tears are flowing, his whole body is shaking, and he cries out, his hands buried in his hair. I’ll try to find an excuse for a coven meeting, so that you can take a look into the rooms without being interrupted,” she gives in. Sam stayed at the bunker, trying to find out something about angels and stuff. I hope you’ll enjoy this short journey as much as I do! Rain pours over him like it wants to drown him. “Where is she now?” Dean asks, eventually. It’s a loud, desperate noise that shatters all the windows in the environment of ten miles. “Yeah,” he says, “That could be. He swallows: “Who, who was that guy?”. There’s a fluffy blanket wrapped around him, carefully, and a cup of tea near his head on his nightstand. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Obviously, they didn’t thought that I would be powerful enough to beat them,” he continues, seriously, “And well, it seems like Crowley isn’t any longer the king of hell. The angel tilts his head. So, I’m home and here are photos from SPN set as promised: Was a rainy day but I caught a glimpse of Alex on set with Singer and crew (which just gives credence to fandom - and meta - speculation of Jack “dying” in season finale): P.s. Just as lonely as he felt when his dad left him alone back then in his twenties. He strokes the angel’s cheek with his thumb, his black eyes searching for the other’s gaze. He leaves his bed, and throws on some clothes. My patrons will get to see everything regarding these. Didn’t want to hurt you, though. His wings are broken, damaged. There were a couple of murders happening in our town within the last days. And I love you too, sweetheart.”. The hunter grabs it, softly. Ellen Harvelle is cleaning the dishes with firm gestures, her brown hair bobs up and down, stroking her shoulders. “What are you doing here? Jo shakes her head, smiling like an idiot. “No,” she says, catching his gaze, “I didn’t. Adrenaline pumps through his veins, actually it’s the only thing that keeps him up right now. He never willingly hurt anyone, unless it was in self defense and even then he always regretted it. Dean collapses in his arms. I want you to be happy, Cas. Raindrops are falling down loudly, and the wind howls. Only a few sunrays are crawling through the small cracks. It seems like Cas’ confusion is back at it again. Castiel can’t see his face right now, but he’s pretty sure that it must be like staring into the sun. Dean struggles to open his eyes. Hey you guys! Sam’s mouth falls open, then he laughs, nervously, his hand running through his locks. His throat hurts, and he moans. *ugly crying* This just came into my mind, and I love demon!Dean, but his dynamic with Cas always makes me wanna cry…Please don’t hate me aaahhh! Cas pulls him closer, his hands running down Dean’s waist. “Hey,” he greets, walking to the counter, attempting to make some coffee. After that, he kisses him gently on the top of the head, “You’re so stupid.”. “Not anymore. He smiles, waving. The elder Winchester listens again, carefully. His whole body is shaking. 'He looks really cute, but I don't think he ever notices me, he's always with ten ten anyway.' He stops the car on the side of the road and comes out of it. “Jo!” Cas shouts, trying to get as fast to her as he can. Not Jack dying, of course…but the the wedding…, Their story is so beautiful and heartbreaking…, Summary: Things are getting dark, as Cas finally gets to face demon!Dean…, Warnings: ANGST, pain, major character death, violence, blood…, A/N: I - I’m so sorry! As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you. I informed Sam. Too quiet. But you knew that this would happen. That could be why she was in charge of so many demons. Suddenly, he hesitates.


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