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As the body count rises and the incidents become more frequent, the school scrambles to uncover the truth behind the mystery before it has to close indefinitely, “Okay, maybe Dean was a little self-conscious of his soulmate counter. If any of you wants to ask me anything at all or suggest anything to help my blog be better, please do! My old tags page got lost somewhere along the way (I think it was when I switched themes) so here’s a new one that won’t get deleted because its just a post (hopefully). Find destiel fanfictions to read, discover, or submit. Tagged: destiel, kratie fic rec, destiel fic rec, witch/familiar, . Gen fics will focus on the Dean&Cas friendship rather than the Dean/Cas relationship. Word Count: 2291 Summary: Five times Dean was jealous and confused as hell, and one time he’s still both but Castiel … Dean and Castiel are in their 11th year at Truman Academy – a prestigious boarding school for werewolves set in the mountains – when series of unexplained deaths occur. tags. Dean Winchester is the last general of a failing Resistance, and Castiel is the djinni sent to assassinate him. There’s my suggestions tag that has my recommendations that you can find in my tags page along with other tags … I love you all. The only exceptions to this rule are Dean/Cas (tagged: destiel) and Gabe/Sam (tagged: sabriel) and Lucifer/Sam (tagged: samifer). I use this tag when something has been changed in contemporary canon, not if a fic is canon-compliant to the contemporary lore (e.g. navigation. In which Castiel is a operations analyst, Dean is a grease monkey, and even though it’s set at NASA no one goes to space. The first one that pops to mind is Fall Slowly by richell3roush, But some others are Weight of Living by punkdestiel and Is that Dean Winchetser? Well Destiel because, well, it’s a Destiel blog. P.S. Given Castiel’s rebellious history, his master should have known better than to put him within a hundred miles of Dean. Make sure you check out the TAGS and the ARCHIVE (where you'll find all of the recced fics). Dean Winchester is not having a great day. For those of you that are new and only recently began following me- Hi! PROFESSIONS/OCCUPATION: artist (encompasses visual arts), baker, businessman, captain, chef, coffeeshop, criminal, dancer, doctor, engineer, exec, hooker, hunter, mechanic, musician, personal assistant, photographer, prisoner, reporter, resistance, secretary, slave, soldier, storeowner, student (Note: only used if the other person is NOT a student), teacher, veteran, writer, LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONS (I don’t know why I didn’t just make a general law enforcement tag): agent (FBI, CIA, whatever), detective,  marshall, policeman, ranger, SPECIES/FORM: AI, alien, angel (NOT tagged for Cas in canon verse or almost canon fics, but Dean WILL be tagged in reverse!verse fics), cat, cupid, demon, dog, dragon, familiar, figurine, ghost, human (same policy as the angel tag except reversed for Cas and Dean), skinwalker, trueform, werehorse, werewolf, TRAITS: alpha, amnesia, blind, crazy (this is used for magic/mojo-induced cases only e.g. Demons who change vessels will only have a single tag. “jessxsam” and “samxsarah”) unless its an OC in which case the tag will always be “firstnamexOC”. “Destiel” or “Gen” Gen fics will focus on the Dean&Cas friendship rather than the … by deanssparklyimpal. Is there a reason why these are different? a destiel fic rec tumblr for all your fangirl (and boy) needs destiel fic prompt blog my sterek companion blog my fandom blog. askbox about tags frequently asked questions submit theme. Yellow → Favorite fics. That said, I won’t ever exclude any fics because of side pairings, even if they hit some personal squicks. You can always look through my tags page or use the search bar. Not really sure what to tag for, so usually I just go with what other people warn. In those cases, I’ll go back to usual after a little while. For those of you that have been following me for longer- thank you so much for your support and your wonderful asks. Destiel … I’ll edit it if I think of something I missed. A blog dedicated to collecting and organizing Destiel fic rec lists. He spends his days at his … Dean thinks he knows pretty much everything there is to know about his best friend Castiel Novak - he’s a smart, gorgeous DA who probably lets Dean get away with more than he should to see the bad guy locked up - but it turns out Cas is hiding some dark family secrets. Yes, there are many Time Travel fics I can recommend. He’s rich, famous, has a top rated cooking show and restaurant, drives an expensive car and wears Armani. These will be primarily for Dean and Cas, but I’ll try to list exceptions below. Okay, as for fandom favorites, i’d have to say that Twist and Shout is the biggest (x) but I don’t know if that would be good for easing into destiel fanfiction. Not tagging, but might be a helpful reference to my posts: ao3: archive of our own, lj: livejournal, dw: dreamwidth, mf: mediafire, gd: google docs. Summary: After Sam is gone, Dean drives around without a purpose or destination. ... because i am apparently very dumb and tumblr hates my tags, so, here, have a blog love, kratie xoxo pairings destiel - here sterek - here … All fics will have the fic name (hyphens replaced with spaces, with and without any subtitles in parentheses), the author name (hyphens and underscores removed), maturity-level rating (style “Rating: ”+rating listed below), word length, and a personal rating, WORD LENGTH: 0 to 1k, 1k to 5k, 5k to 10k, 10k to 15k, 15k to 25k, 25k to 50k, 50k to 100k, 100k or more, PERSONAL RATING: “favorite” - self-explanatory“A” - fics I liked and would re-read“A!” - “A” fics that are especially well-written“B” - lump tag for every fic from “It was okay” to “NEVER AGAIN”, There used to be a “C” tag, but it felt kinda cruel, so I just lumped it all in “B”. This isn’t as well-structured as the other categories. Good luck! “Sam Winchester”). Anonymous: I'm looking for timetravel fics like dean goes back in time and falls in love with cas or along those lines do you know any good ones ?? Fortunately, he’s found the right kind of town to get through it, the right neighborhood to pilfer until the worst is past. “Crying” means that it has an unhappy or ambiguous ending which I interpreted as unhappy. NOTE:  The “almost canon” tag can accompany one, both, or neither of the “au” and “canon verse” tags. He has to actually fly out for Sam’s wedding, Cas is coming as his date and everyone thinks it’s real. Even, maybe, the right house. No, that wasn’t going to stop him from worrying over it.”. "Based on another story" indicates that the fic replaces characters within the other work and uses their story-lines. Anonymous: Do you happen to know any really long angsty fanfics? I realize now that I don’t actually have access to a lot of Soulmate AUs. Castiel follows and finds out firsthand what both human grief and human desire feel like. Terribly. So there might be some dry spells where the only things posting are things from my queue. Anonymous: Can you reccomend a short, good, smut - filled fanfic? The tags will be of the style “detail!character” (with exceptions pointed out below). Ask if you want something specific. Cas after he took Sam’s Lucifer hallucinations, NOT for mental illnesses), deaf, deaged, drunk, fallen, glasses, jealous, mini, oblivious, omega, possessive, virgin, SAM TAGS: addict, brother of the year award goes to sam winchester (complete tag), dog, ghost, lucifer, sick, skinwalker, soulless, yenta, OTHER CHARACTER TAGS (these are whole tags, don’t add !character to the end): drunk!John, john isn’t a dick, ruby isn’t evil (usually only seen in canon verse fics), hunter!ben, chuck is god, yenta!someone, NOTE: I will sometimes tag Top, Bottom, or Switch.


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