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Happy Reading! My collection of fan fictions. Onde o mundo é divido em status, Bruxos, de elemento água, Curandeiros, de elemento terra, e Guerreiros, de elemento fogo.
Fantasy Romance Supernatural Anastasia Sabriel Destiel ... Dean And Castiel Dean And Cas Sam And Gabriel When the royal family of the Winchesters are attacked by the dreaded Lucifer, youngest child Samuel Winchester is nowhere to be found. Sinais de Pontuação V – Reticências e pa.. Sinais de Pontuação IV – Travessão e hífen. The Destiel Trope Collection is a collection of fics that are submitted to this blog that fit within the list of tropes. Destiel is, … O Desafio de Tellus: Alinhamento de Peças. Porém, como sempre teve uma vida difícil que só vem piorando, apaixonar-se por Dean será o fim de tudo aquilo que o atormenta ou só uma nova maneira para sangrar ? Nerd confession: I call myself the Admiral of Fanfic Shipping, and it’s my solemn duty to make sure I rec only the best fics out there (and to ceaselessly promo my OTP). (14 episódios). Castiel is a diagnosed OCD suffering from PTSD and agoraphobia, mysophobia, and dystychiphobia.

Destiel canon verse fics dashboard. Onde Dean Winchester não foi um completo imbecil, e admitiu seus sentimentos, antes de perder o amor da sua vida. 2° temporada - Personagens de Teen Wolf e Supernatural.

Deixando para trás um coração partido. I would like help to find a fanfic that I read once, I think it was a wingfic where Dean and Castiel were leaving purgatory, Castiel wanted to … destiel au; Summary. All Votes Add Books To This List. The man in the trenchcoat left Dean's dumbstruck face and walked out, but not before peering round the door and saying, "The name is Castiel Novak and the address is 67 Impala Street." And my all time favorite destiel fic. No this is not my story, it belongs to standbyme and gabriel. Castiel perdeu o irmão mais velho em um acidente de carro e isso o mudou por completo. Destiel (Dean/Castiel) Fanfiction The best of Destiel (Castiel/Dean Winchester) slash fanfiction. Destiel supernatural castiel deanwinchester dean sabriel samwinchester spn winchester cas sam gabriel deancas castielnovak fluff michifer casdean fanfiction destielau lucifer 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot Hurt dean centered destiel and dean cas fanfics a collection of hurt dean centered destiel fanfics because there is a serious shortage of the stuff in this fandom. ... it is when I take requests so I won't be doing that I apoligize:( anyway, there will be reader inserts, along with some Destiel, and Sabriel. Browse through and read supernatural destiel fanfiction stories and books . Lifestyle; Supernatural Memes Explain Why Destiel’s Fanfiction Ship Is A Cannon. Destiel - Freeform; castiel viaja al pasado; castiel tiene un pasado; Pre-Series Castiel (Supernatural) little angst; ... Hello I am sorry for the bad writing, I am using Google translator. O agora, então, agente do FBI tem que acabar com um esquema de crime hediondo e lidar com seu coração falhando batidas por um velho conhecido seu. Uma família tinha recém mudado para o bairro universitário de Lawrence. Nerd confession: I call myself the Admiral of Fanfic Shipping, and it’s my solemn duty to make sure I rec only the best fics out there (and to ceaselessly promo my OTP). Sign up Log in.

But you can try looking through destiel fanfic s season 12 tag. After 15 seasons and many long years of pining, filthy fanfiction, and debating fellow stans, Supernatural finally made Destiel canon. Still need more Destiel? Source: You can submit new fics, old fics, completed fics, WIPs, or even write a fic to fit one of the tropes.

And my all-time favorite Destiel fic: The Soul Piece (also by cloudyjenn) Go forth, dear readers, and jump aboard the flagship in my fleet of ships. It's normal. "Yep," Garth said, "he's always like that."

Castiel um menino com a infância difícil e o valentão da escola até que Dean winchester um cara bonito e meio inteligente aparece. 4.17 avg rating — 106 ratings. Twist and Shout (Destiel Fanfic) Fanfiction. Lugar onde ele faz novos amigos e inimigos. Spirit Fanfics e Histórias é uma plataforma para autopublicação de Livros. Here are some great sub!dean chapter fics. Sinais de Pontuação III – Ponto de inter.. Sinais de Pontuação II – Ponto e vírgula.. Neo Culture Technology (NCT, NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream, WayV).

November 6, 2020. Thursday night’s episode of Supernatural saw the long-beloved ship of demon hunter Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and the angel Castiel (Misha Collins) — a mere 12 years after Castiel’s introduction in the season 4 premiere “Lazarus Rising” as the angel who saved Dean from hell — finally manifest into an anguished love confession. Stiles Hale - Teen Wolf (Romance Gay) Em Desenvolvimento. I Wanna Get Outside (Of Me) by emwebb17 Rating: Explicit Word Count: 142,717 Summary: Dean is a novice in the dom/sub world asked by his employer as a desperate last resort to be a sub for his recluse of a brother, Castiel. Um universo alternativo onde o Bando será reivindicado para salvar o que restou da Terra - apesar de ainda terem que lidar com os próprios dilemas pessoais, os quais incluem o surgimento de estranhos poderes.


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