demon powers and abilities
Another demon, Samhain, may be classified as a third white-eyed demon, but unlike Lilith and Alastair, his eyes have pale gray irises and black pupils. Alastair mentors Dean in torture for the next ten years until Dean is finally rescued by the angel Castiel and resurrected. Crowley tortures monsters in an attempt to find the entrance, with limited success,[49] until Castiel captures Eleanor Visyak. [68] The Knights are said to have been "very pure, very strong" demons,[29] and Cain especially possessed extraordinary power, above and beyond most demons, including Crowley after the latter became the King of Hell, with Cain displaying the power to kill demons with a touch[12] - something no other demon on the show has demonstrated. Belphegor suggests a plan to use Lilith's Crook to draw all of the souls and demons back into Hell and then seal the Rupture behind them. Meg once used a group of daevas to commit unexplainable murders with the goal of ultimately luring the Winchesters into a trap she'd set. They were rumored to have all been killed by the archangels. He is described by Ruby as "practically the Grand Inquisitor downstairs. [30], In the mean time, the demons are anxious to begin freeing Lucifer. You think you're something special. [29] Cain was the first of the Knights and went on to create the other Knights on Lucifer's orders. [27], Though Asmodeus is able to capture and imprison both Castiel and Lucifer, wanting to keep power for himself,[81] the two angels are able to escape by briefly working together, killing several of Asmodeus' demons as they leave. The night the deal comes due, he enters their homes to feed Demon Blood to their six-month-old children, which he does to prepare the infants to one day house Lucifer. [43] The demon Ruby also escaped Hell through the gate. It's what got him locked up in the first place. Daevas are a low class of demons that are almost completely invisible to humans; the only part of them that humans can see are their shadows. Another form of demon, Time Wraiths, also reside within the Speed Force and hunt down and kill any speedster recklessly attempting to alter time. [2][16] Later, however, Lilith does possess adult women. Skills that increase stamina and chance of survival. [7] When Sam leaves hunting for college, he pursues a normal life. The capacity and potency of a skill varied according to its rarity, and the more powerful the more "Vitality" it would consume. [29] In fact, after she and the other Knights kidnapped Cain's wife, he killed them himself, accidentally killing his wife while Abaddon possessed her. After discovering Lilith's intentions from the angel Castiel, the Winchesters set out to stop her. Crossroads demons appear to be roughly on the same level as black-eyed demons; it is unclear which class ranks higher, if there is indeed a power difference. A high volume of dispossessed individuals die; Dean commented that demons seem to enjoy wearing out their meatsuits. [40], Eventually Azazel takes Sam, along with other Special Children he has created over the years, to a ghost town where he intends for them to fight to the death. He tortured both Dean and John, and in both instances offered to end the torment if they would become torturers themselves. Sam then proclaims to Kipling's henchmen that there will be no more Kings of Hell and any demon that wishes to challenge that will have to go through him. Although Crowley expresses interest in Dean ruling Hell at his side, Dean refuses. [86] After tracking down Abraxas, Nick learns that the demon had murdered his family on Lucifer's orders. [9] Angels can bypass Hell's defenses, enter and retrieve human souls, as Castiel and other angels laid siege to Hell to save Dean. With Lucifer's subsequent release from the Cage, all demons would recognize him as the rightful ruler of Hell. Upon returning to his usual body, Crowley is informed by Jervis and another demon that either Michael or Lucifer, or both, rattled the Cage, putting Hell into an uproar because of the belief that one or both of the archangels is trying to warn them about the Darkness. Home planet(s) Crowley starts to become human, but his attempt to summon help summons Abaddon who wants to take over Hell. [30] At one point, Alastair implies that he may have had a role in the creation of the Nazi concentration camps. Can't hurt you. As supernatural creatures from Hell, demons possess a variety of powers which force vary in function of the demon. The brothers do what they can to combat Lilith and the other escaped demons, but eventually Dean's time is up, and he is killed by hellhounds. [29] Abaddon eventually resurfaced in 2013 in an attempt to gain power in Hell,[21] but was killed by Dean. [30][23][99] In the end, Ruby is revealed as a deep cover double agent for Lilith and she plays a critical role in the plan to free Lucifer by setting Sam up to break the final seal. To sate the Mark of Cain's bloodlust, Crowley sends surviving Abaddon loyalists to attack Dean, who easily dispatches them. Demons are a race of malevolent supernatural beings that come from Hell which is below the mortal plane. Though disgusted by the operation, Crowley dispatches demons to capture Rowena and kill the surviving prostitutes who are recruited by Rowena to form a coven. Ava Wilson was shown to be able to summon and control Acheris, and used them to trap the other Special Children in Cold Oak and to kill them. The part of Hell accessible through the portal, at least in 2013, takes the form of a dungeon. [84] Michael subsequently considers both the demons and angels to be a non-factor in his effort to destroy the world. [68] Due to becoming a demon through the Mark, and not centuries of torture in Hell, Dean was fundamentally different in that he still had vestiges of his humanity lingering within him. Demons are powerful, malevolent entities inhabiting Hell. [65] After attempting to lure the Winchesters into a trap with the help of Crowley, Abaddon was killed by Dean with the First Blade after the Mark of Cain made him immune to her powers,[67] allowing Crowley to subsequently regain control over Hell.[68]. However, the souls work to break down the barrier, which begins to fail. [57], Some time afterwards, Sam sneaks into Hell and rescues Bobby Singer from the demons that are holding him captive and torturing him. The demon assassins are killed by the Winchesters, saving one of the rescued prostitutes, but a second team is able to capture Rowena thanks to the intervention of Cole Trenton. The trap solidifies Sam's trust in Ruby while causing him to successfully use his powers to exorcise a demon with his mind for the first time. [6][30][44], After the former angel Anna Milton surfaces, Lilith sends Alastair to capture Anna so that the demons can use her to learn the angels' secrets. However, Kevin betrays him and escapes, revealing to Sam and Dean the possibility of using the tablet to do the opposite: to close the gates forever and banish all demons from the Earth permanently, something they are now determined to do. [68], For six weeks after Dean disappears, Sam searches for his brother without success, capturing and torturing the Crossroads Demon Dar for information after tricking Lester Morris into summoning her. Monsters, Demons, Angels, Deities, Fairies, Ghosts, Horsemen,Primordial Entitiesand others specieshave cosmic abilities that allow them to go against nature and logic in various ways. First of all society terms abilities to be powers. The special children develop demonic powers in 2005, and Azazel spends much of 2007 arranging for them to kill each other off so that only the strongest remains to be Lucifer's vessel. When he met and fell in love with Colette, Cain retired from his ways, but when the Knights kidnapped Colette to draw him back, he slaughtered all but Abaddon with the First Blade, the weapon he used to kill Abel. Before Belphegor kills her, Ardat reveals that Belphegor is only using the Winchesters to become the new King of Hell, his true goal for centuries. They are described as "demonic pitbulls." "[20] Lilith, dubbed "The Queen of the Crossroads,"[3] ultimately ends up holding Dean's contract, along with all other crossroads deal contracts,[43] and is described as the demon all crossroads demons - Crowley himself included[107] - work for. Some demons are able to enter consecrated ground such as churches, as shown by: Burning earthly remains – Demons, like spirits, can be killed by burning the bones of the bodies they had as humans, before they became demons. Sometimes, they are silent, while other times they speak. Though Alastair partially succeeds, the Winchesters manage to free Tessa and foil his efforts. Other demons would follow, such as Alastair and the four Princes of Hell -- Azazel, Ramiel, Dagon and Asmodeus -- who would act as Hell's generals in Lucifer's war against Heaven. [108] Crowley has demonstrated the ability to break the contracts of other crossroads demons,[53] and it is implied that Lilith can as well.[43]. [77] After Charlie Bradbury comes up with a way to read the Book of the Damned, Rowena demands that Sam uphold their end of the deal before she will cure Dean. Black-eyed demons are constantly being created, and they occupy positions on Earth under the demon-favored term for their human shell or "meatsuits." [2] She continues to follow and speak to Sam during season three, suggesting that she knows how to save Dean from Hell. They are grouped together because when they possess a human, they can turn the hosts eyes entirely black at will. Demonic energy – Lilith and Samhain had the power to cause great destruction with … [35] Ten years later he returns and feeds demon blood to an infant Sam Winchester. Both Meg and Brady communicated via the goblet of blood with the Yellow-Eyed Demon and Pestilence respectively. They occupy positions on earth and in Hell, as they are constantly being deployed and produced throughout Hell. Picasso with a razor. Hell also begins preparing for a possible upcoming invasion by the Apocalypse World Michael. That year, Azazel makes contact with Lucifer by sacrificing a dozen nuns at a convent. [39] He does obtain the gun by later making a deal with John, saving Dean's life in exchange for his soul and the gun. [99] At St. Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland, the location of the door to Lucifer's Cage, Lilith faces off with Sam who is high on enough demon blood to kill her. [31] Azazel embarks on his plan and in 1973 makes a deal with Mary Winchester for the life of her fiancé, John Winchester. Lilith is killed by Sam, high on demon blood, and it is discovered that Lilith is the final seal. As the Apocalypse looms even further, Lucifer is accompanied by two elite demons in 5.22 Swan Song. However, Sam refuses to deal and kills Kipling in the fight that follows. Cain became the most feared demon in existence, the Father of Murder who formed and led the Knights of Hell. [91], With the barrier close to falling, Belphegor suggests he return to Hell to get Lilith's Crook from her chamber, which can then be used to draw all of the souls and demons back in before the Rupture is sealed. It appears that angels can as well.[11]. According to Meg herself, she has many names. After accidentally killing Colette, Cain followed her wish for him to retire completely and tossed the Blade in the ocean and eventually became a bee keeper in Missouri.


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