crtc described video 2019

The CNIB underlined the importance of described video for non-sighted individuals and those with declining vision, asserting that it represent more than just a means of access to entertainment, but also a social equalizer in the context of the bonding made possible through collective participation to popular culture, providing “water cooler conversations” as an example. Also as part of the Let’s Talk TV decision, broadcasting distributors are required to make accessible hardware and remote controls available to subscribers, provided these are available and are compatible with distribution systems. See the Communications Monitoring Report 2018 at:, These requirements apply to programming drawn from the following program categories set out in Item 6 of Schedule 1 to the. Audio description and described video make TV programs accessible for people who are blind or who have visual impairments: Television programming is a primary source of news, entertainment, and sports, and reflects the wide range of ideas and perspectives that characterize Canadian society. It also repeated that the intent was not to sidestep the requirement but, rather, to better comply with Commission regulations and decisions that it submitted in its application, in spite of the tough economic situation that broadcasters currently find themselves in. If, on the other hand, the Commission approved Quebecor’s proposal for the 2019-2020 broadcast year, these figures would be very different, representing 24% for Yoopa and 68% for AddikTV. Quebecor asked the Commission to amend the VIDV condition imposed on the concerned television stations and discretionary services of TVA Group so that it applies only to first-run programming broadcast after 1 September 2019, rather than to any repeat programming first broadcast before 1 September 2019. It would not be required to provide described video for all inventoried programming to which it owns the rights, only that which is part of the specified categories and which it expects to repeat in the coming years.
It has noted a significant lack of understanding in some interventions and stated that the intent of its application is certainly not to sidestep or be exempted from the described video requirement imposed by the Commission. In 2009, the CRTC passed a policy requiring: Broadcasters were also asked to display the described video logo and make an announcement that audio description is available before the start of a program and after each commercial break. One outcome of the Let’s Talk TV initiative was a decision to enhance the objectives of the CRTC’s Accessibility Policy by ramping up the amount of described video provided by broadcasters, with tiered requirements geared to the broadcaster’s size and resources. It added that visually impaired people have the same rights as sighted people. portalId: "173833", The CNIB added that described video allows visually impaired Canadians to experience films and television programming in a similar way to sighted individuals and thus play a greater role in society. In its response to the Commission’s request for information, Quebecor illustrated the quantities of described video broadcast by each of the TVA Group discretionary services and television stations during prime time. APHVE asserted that, for various reasons, described video is a service essential to information, entertainment and culture for everyone. Audio descriptions can be created in-house or outsourced to a professional description company. Increased use of these funds would allow Quebecor to augment its programming budget and thus amortize the costs of described video. In response to a request for information from the Commission, Quebecor submitted a document indicating that MELS is the sole source of described video for programming broadcast by TVA Group services and stations, when it needs to be produced for original programming. Indeed, according to Communications Monitoring Report 2018, Quebecor is a VI entity that operates audiovisual programming undertakings, distribution undertakings, and production companies. For lack of a successful demonstration that financial considerations prevented the services from providing the level of described video required, the Commission imposed the strictest condition of licence. It was created as an accessibility accommodation for blind and low vision users. All of these interventions were made in opposition to Quebecor’s application. It would likely decrease in the third year (2021-2022). According to APHVE, described video allows those with declining vision to follow along with their favourite programs at the same time as their sighted friends and family, helping to reduce the stigmatization of non-sighted people. In accordance with Let’s Talk TV: Navigating the Road Ahead – Making informed choices about television providers and improving accessibility to television programming, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2015-104, 26 March 2015: See paragraph 43 of Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2015-104. In addition, this portfolio includes MELS, one of the biggest North American film and television studios. Regarding the costs relating to described video reported by Quebecor, the CNIB admitted that it does not have the level of experience that Quebecor does in this area. The CNIB concluded by stating that the CRTC has long been expecting broadcasters to gradually increase the availability of described video. The Association concluded by asserting that approving this application could cause a bandwagon effect and encourage other broadcasters to cut back on these services to stay financially competitive. The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) mandated in 2015 that by September 1, 2019, certain Canadian broadcasters are to provide four hours of described video per day during prime time (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.). We are based in Boston, MA and have been operating since 2007. Reference: Part 1 application posted 8 November 2017, Quebecor Media Inc. For example, according to its own research, an hour of English-language described video costs roughly $1,200 whereas an hour of French-language described video costs $1,400. In this regard, the conventional stations of the TVA Network are, by Quebecor’s own admission, the ones that benefit the most from sharing programming among its services. It repeated its proposed condition of licence and stated that, by September 2019, only TVA and AddikTV will be required, by condition of licence, to offer described video for at least four hours of programming per broadcasting week, two hours of which must be broadcast in described video for the first time.
Ask your distributor how to access these services. It makes local, national, and international news and information accessible. Television programming is a primary source of news, entertainment, and sports, and reflects the wide range of ideas and perspectives that characterize Canadian society. It is important for people who are blind or who have visual impairments to be able to access programming in as complete a form as possible, so that all Canadians can participate in this "everyday" medium. It’s important to make television accessible to all individuals, including those who are blind and low vision, so that they can participate in the “everyday” medium of watching prime time television. No matter where….


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