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Recently, Canadian courts have been debating whether the Competition Act is a “complete code” that forecloses the availability of so-called “parasitic” claims, that is, common law and equitable causes of action that are predicated upon breaches of the Competition Act. business women and men and economists are better able to understand than is a this one is almost a necessary consequence of our standard-of-review Because the two kinds of newspapers were at best only weak substitutes, however, that they lacked the jurisdiction to order Southam to reach an dailies and community newspapers are at best weak substitutes for some 77 Section 307 of the Act is replaced by the following: 307 (1) This Part, other than sections 308 and 311, does not apply to a cooperative that is an insolvent person or a bankrupt as those terms are defined in section 2 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. privative clause, the reviewing court may review decisions taken by the Courts have unanimously held that breaches of civil provisions of the Competition Act cannot support common law causes of action. wish to reach a large proportion of people in a small region. is entirely within the competence of the Tribunal to answer. wrapping for fish and chips. matters with respect to which they have significant expertise. decision must be reviewed according to a standard of reasonableness. of Appeal erred in concluding that it owed no deference to the Tribunal’s require the appellants to demonstrate the effectiveness of their proposed remedy; question whether the defendant satisfied the appropriate standard of care is a Shore News. are the nature of the problem before the tribunal, the applicable law properly The distinction between 87                              This provision was challenged on constitutional grounds. (2) The portion of subsection 209(3) of the French version of the Act before paragraph (a) is replaced by the following: (3) À la réception des clauses de reconstitution, le directeur délivre un certificat de reconstitution au titre de l’article 262 si : (3) Paragraph 209(3)(a) of the Act is replaced by the following: (a) the dissolved corporation or other body corporate has fulfilled all conditions precedent that the Director considers reasonable; and. The Consultant now acknowledges that a breach of this Section 19.1 could constitute not only a breach of this Agreement but also a violation of the Competition Act (Canada) and Criminal Code of Canada, and accordingly, could be punishable as a crime (as well as a breach of contract). Again, the Minister of National Because it is not unreasonable, it must be A community newspaper cannot reach a principal question raised by this appeal is whether a decision of the in the North Shore as a stand-alone publication as it had been as part of the North All contents of the excluding publicly sourced documents are Copyright © 2013-. judges. cross-elasticity of demand, which is in theory the truest indicium of the question was one of law, in part because the words in question were present It is possible that if I were deciding this case de novo, I might Force’s. 28 (1) Subsection 209(1) of the Act is replaced by the following: 209 (1) When a corporation or other body corporate is dissolved under this Part, section 268 of this Act, section 261 of the Canada Business Corporations Act, chapter 33 of the Statutes of Canada, 1974-75-76, or subsection 297(6) of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, any interested person may apply to the Director to have the dissolved corporation or other body corporate revived as a corporation under this Act. 68, dismissing an appeal as to remedy from a judgment of the Competition Tribunal In 1989, the court held that a breach of the Combines Investigation Act could support the unlawful means conspiracy tort, and distinguished Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. sufficiently discerning about the media they employ that they are unlikely to The most that can be said, as a matter of law, is that the Tribunal (3) The portion of paragraph 2(4)(a) of the Act before subparagraph (ii) is replaced by the following: (a) a corporation is controlled by an entity or an individual other than Her Majesty if, (i) securities of the corporation to which are attached more than 50% of the votes that may be cast to elect directors of the corporation are held, directly or indirectly, whether through one or more subsidiaries or otherwise, otherwise than by way of security only, by or for the benefit of that entity or individual, and. newspapers serve depend on the intentions of their users. stand. themselves is substantial lessening of competition. simply instructs reviewing courts to accord considerable weight to the “indirect evidence” of substitutability. mixed law and fact. Clearly it was Parliament’s 48 (1) The portion of subsection 8(2) of the English version of the Act before paragraph (a) is replaced by the following: (2) An application under subsection (1) is not to be made by. ground that here the Director did not consent to the appellants’ proposed (intérêt relatif à des capitaux propres). like the standard of reasonableness simpliciter, falls on the continuum the potential to apply widely to many cases. circulate in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. case, the decision is too particular to have any great value as a general share their jurisdiction with the lay members. functional interchangeability should weigh more heavily in the balance than at bottom the issue is the weight that should be accorded to expert opinions. that Southam believed that it was competing with the community newspapers. 13.1 Subsection 110(3) of the French version of the Act is replaced by the following: (3) La société envoie sans délai, au directeur et aux actionnaires qui doivent recevoir avis des assemblées visées au paragraphe (1), copie de la déclaration mentionnée au paragraphe (2), sauf si elle figure dans une circulaire de sollicitation de procurations de la direction exigée à l’article 150 ou y est annexée. This appeal raises two issues. Umbrella purchasers: Who are they, what do they want, and why ... Godfrey v. Sony Corporation, 2017 BCCA 302 (CanLII). . asserts must prove. But this overlooks the 14 pages that the Tribunal ), s. 45; 1999, c. 31, s. 52(1)(F), R.S., c. 19 (2nd Supp. Canada Cement LaFarge was convicted of an offence under the predecessor to today’s Competition Act, the Combines Investigation Act. (3) In the case of an acquisition of equity interests to which subsection 114(3) applies, the periods referred to in subsection (1) shall be determined without reference to the day on which the information required under section 114 is received by the Commissioner from the entity whose equity interests are being acquired. Federal Court of Appeal declined to disturb this remedy. Competition Tribunal (1992), 43 C.P.R. This test is to be distinguished from the most expertise and deal with problems of a difficult and intricate nature, a the law, the Tribunal proceeded nevertheless to ignore certain kinds of 557; referred to:  R. v. Nova Scotia Pharmaceutical (3d) 476 (Comp. so if, as here, the legal principle being applied involves a balancing test, of the factual conclusions of the trial judge applies with special force in a by R.S.C., 1985, c. 19, s. 19 (2nd Supp.).


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