city of crossroads tx zoning map
Use the Draw tool to add points, polygons, lines, and freehand shapes to the map. Select an address from the suggestion list or complete the typed address to zoom to the address location. To return identify results from a single visible layer, select the layer in the widget's drop-down menu. Type an address in the address search bar to zoom to that location. The Liberty Hill Zoning Map (PDF) was updated September 2019. The Advanced Search widget can be used to query layers by their attributes or the spatial location. In 2015, the City of Magnolia adopted a Unified Development Code and Zoning following two years implementation of its Comprehensive Plan. Specify the title, output file format, and final layout to generate a custom PDF for printing. - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Some layers will only be visible at certain map extents, even if they are turned on. The Map Legend widget displays the symbols for visible map layers. The City of Liberty Hill has adopted the Round Rock Traffic Impact Analysis to provide design criteria. The appropriate City Department should always be contacted for official and current information. (c) 2012 Town of Cross Roads - Website Established April 1, 2009. The City Limits and ETJ Map identifies parcels located with the City of Liberty Hill's jurisdictional boundaries. Important Numbers and Contact Information. The City shall have no liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of this data; and makes no representation or warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose, either expressed or implied. Index Map Of Plat Sheets View the Plat Sheets for the City of Cuero. ; Click the menu toggle to show the menu Layers menu. The Liberty Hill Zoning Map (PDF) was updated September 2019. The data in this application is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Liberty Hill Drainage Master Plan (PDF) - Phase 2 Report. City Council Meetings. See the Zoning Ordinance under Links‐Contacts for zoning district definitions. Select a layer from the drop-down to query it. Directions. The City of Liberty Hill, its officers, agents, and employees do not represent this data to be correct or accurate in any respect or that its use will not infringe upon any copyright, patent, or other rights of any third party. Our website contains links to other organizations. 1401 FM 424 Cross Roads, TX 76227 Tel: 940-365-9693 Fax: 469-375-5905 What are the current projects going on in Liberty Hill? While we offer these electronic linkages for your convenience in accessing related information, please be aware that you are subject to that site’s privacy policy when you leave our site. This menu has options to turn off or on all sublayers, zoom to the entire layer extent, modify the layer transparency, or turn on the Swipe tool. Zoom in to make them visible and add them to the legend. Interactive Map — All of the Town maps combined into an interactive service. Query results will be highlighted on the map, and the attributes will shown in the bottom panel. Thank you. No warranty is made by the City regarding completeness or accuracy. Helpful Resources Building Inspector; ... Cuero, TX 77954. Contact Us. Measurements are given in square miles, miles, or decimal degrees. Information shown on these maps is derived from public records that are constantly undergoing revision. 903-429-6225 903-429-3059 Fax . The Print widget allows for creating a map layout from the current display. Map Layers. Click on the map to return results from visible map layers. These maps can be quite large (up to 36x48 inches) in actual size, so you may need to take them to a print shop if want to have them printed at the original scale. Choose the corresponding tab to query the selected layer. Collinsville City Hall 101 N Main Street Collinsville, TX 76233. To add a new bookmark, pan and zoom to the desired location and click "Add Bookmark." ... roads, zoning, and district boundaries just to name a few. Read More... Tue Dec. 1 . The swipe can be horizontal or vertical. The City of San Antonio assumes no responsibility for the use of this application or the information contained therein. The criteria shall be implemented with reliance on sound engineering and planning judgment. The City of Temple Interactive Maps allow for the exploration of the City's collection of geographic data through interactive map applications. District Map View the District Map for the City of Cuero. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Future Land Use Plan: The FLUP shows the desired land use for all properties in the City. Please refer to the official ordinance for zoning verification. Expand the group layers to show the individual map layers. ... Zoning Board of Adjustment Special Meeting. Please click on the web link below to open the code of ordinances for the Town of Cross Roads. During this time, the City widely expanded its extraterritorial jurisdiction ("ETJ"), pushing the city limits to the FM 149 spur at FM 1488. Previous Next PROPOSED 2020-2021 ANNUAL BUDGET 2020 TAX RATE NOTICE News & Announcements Declaration of Local State of DisasterSigned March 20, 2020 IMPOUND AUCTION 09/30/2020 – 10/09/2020 Events Hours Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm How do I obtain residential water/sewer service. Zoning Map: Shows the current zoning on all properties in the City. In order to proceed, please indicate you understand this disclaimer by clicking on the "Accept" button below. 131 Fax: 361-387-6760 101 E. Main Street Robstown, Texas 78380. Then click on the map. Click on a layer from the Identify Summary to see a detailed list of feature attributes. The resulting table of results can be exported to a .csv file. Residents can easily navigate through Town and research specific information about properties. Under no circumstances should GIS-derived products be used for final design purposes. Mailing Address P.O. In order to speak at a City Public Meeting, please fill out a Public Meeting Appearance Card and submit to the City Secretary in person at the meeting or for a Zoom meeting, submit to the City Secretary online at least 30 minutes prior to the meeting. 2nd Monday Monthly, 6:30 PM The Measurement tool can be used to measure areas, distances, or geographic locations on the map. Use the Swipe tool to view the basemap beneath the One Stop layers. Expand the One Stop parent layer to show the group layers. They are easy to use and provide access to a wealth of information. DISCLAIMER: These maps are a graphic representation prepared by the City of Denton Engineering GIS … GIS data, cartographic products, and associated applications are not legal representations of the depicted data. The criteria shall be implemented with reliance on sound engineering and planning judgment. Please contact the Planning and Development Department for zoning verification. Maps Zoning Map View the Zoning Map for the City of Cuero. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. Zoning Map. Annexation Map — graphic representation of the incorporated areas of the Town, Prosper’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, and areas subject to agreements The City of Liberty Hill has adopted the Round Rock Traffic Impact Analysis to provide design criteria. All risks of using this data are assumed by the user and/or purchaser. Use the Swipe Scope to display the visible One Stop layers within a circle overlayed on the map. Expand the group layers. CONTACT Ph: 361-387-4589 ext. Layers will appear in the Legend as they are turned off and on in the Layers widget. The Identify popup will first show a summary of all layers returned when clicking on the map. The Search tool will provide suggestions using existing addresses for you as you type. Box 660 Cuero, TX 77954. Please contact the Planning and Development Department for zoning verification. This website is best viewed with Google Chrome. A detailed user guide with step-by-step instructions is available, For additional Downloadable Maps, Interactive Maps, or GIS Data please visit the. Expand the One Stop parent layer to show the group layers. Attribute queries can be be filtered based on the current map extent. Use the submenu toggle for individual map layers to view metadata or open the layer's attribute table. Click on the Settings to customize the DPI, scale bar, and map size. This map has been produced by the City of Liberty Hill for informational purposes only. You can then name the bookmark. The Advanced Search button can be used to search a layer using a SQL query. Enter the query terms in the the search boxes provided for the searchable fields. Several bookmarks have been provided, showing the location of City Hall, Main Plaza, and each of the Missions. You can edit or delete existing bookmarks from this widget by clicking on the Edit or Delete icons. City of San Antonio One Stop App. The map legend will automatically be included with the map layout.


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