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Derek Morgan is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, portrayed by Emmy Award winner Shemar Moore. Airdate Cindi rất thân với anh chị họ của mình. Cindi cũng sinh hạ một bé trai trong thời gian này, Anthony, nhưng cậu bé bị đưa tới “Căn nhà gỗ”, và cô chỉ có thể gặp con khi Malcolm cho phép. In this contract, the captives who signed their names were to become their captors' "slaves." Desiree survives and tells Morgan of her discovery, prompting him to summon the rest of the BAU. In the end, Morgan advised Cindi to flee since doing so usually makes stalkers give up and she went to Charleston, South Carolina. Cindi Burns là em họ của đặc vụ Derek Morgan, cô xuất hiện trong tập “The Company”, mùa bảy của Criminal Minds. Cindi stops the fight, brandishing Morgan's gun, which he had dropped, and she points it at Malcolm, intending to kill him. Over eight years, Malcolm abused Cindi sexually and psychologically, making her believe that 'The Company' would kill her and her family if she ever disobeyed him. Apparently, he would let Cindi see Anthony every Christmas. Malcolm and Cindi arrive at the house of another sadomasochistic couple, the Maguires. Malcolm Ford is a murderous stalker, abductor, and rapist who appears in the Season Seven episode "The Company". Criminal Minds Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. of Victims CRIMINAL She doesn't, and Malcolm is pleased enough to take her to the cabin, where Cindi picks up Anthony. Sau khi hắn nhận dạng được hai ảnh đầu tiên, bằng cách gọi tên họ, Derek cho hắn xem ảnh của Cindi. The stalking became so severe that Cindi asked her cousin to make a profile of the stalker and track him down. It's safe to presume Malcolm is reincarcerated afterwards. Unspecified date: Charleston, South Carolina. Very little is known about Malcolm's past, though it is mentioned that he was born on June 19, 1967, and has a lengthy criminal record for assaulting and harassing some of his former girlfriends and women he had presumably stalked. Summary., Cailin McDonald - Medical Examiner Donna Grasser. Desiree sees and recognizes Cindi, calling out her name and causing Malcolm to panic. "Family Tree" is the eighth episode of Season Fifteen and 322nd of Criminal Minds. Wikia Criminal Minds là một wiki thuộc FANDOM Phim ảnh. He stops at a traffic light, where the car of (coincidentally) Desiree Morgan, Cindi's cousin. He constantly asks for the time, claiming that it's around 10:00 or 10:15. Malcolm immediately learns that Cindi put the gun in her pocket and goes inside the store, where he stops Cindi and threatens her, telling her he can have her son, Anthony, killed with one phone call. Next: Mang những fandom yêu thích theo cùng bạn và không bao giờ bỏ lỡ tin tức cập nhật. d'épisodes 24 Chronologie Saison 6 Saison 8 Liste des épisodes d’ Esprits criminels modifier Cet article présente les vingt-quatre épisodes de la septième saison de la série télévisée américaine Esprits criminels (Criminal Minds). February 12, 2020 While Morgan stops her from shooting, Malcolm stands up and attempts to flee, only to be stopped by JJ and Prentiss. After abducting Cindi, he shot and killed John Hitchens with a .44 Magnum revolver and made the death resemble a suicide, after which he reported the gun stolen to cover himself. StalkerAbductorRapistUnclassified Killer Malcolm is first seen driving a truck in Chicago, with Cindi as the passenger. He also planted several altered photographs in order to throw authorities off his trail. Since Malcolm only killed one victim, the term "M.O." Malcolm seems to have been inspired by Cameron and Janice Hooker, particularly Cameron - Both are murderous stalkers and rapists who used a sensory deprivation box, a slavery contract signed by both "master" and "slave", which was burned after the crime was discovered but still served as the main evidence of their relationship with their captive. Cindi begins to cry despite Malcolm's orders to stop, and he teaches her a "lesson" by strangling her with her seatbelt and telling her to get the cabin out of her mind. June 19, 1967[1] Hắn tự nộp mình cho Derek và Rossi, trong khi Cindi chạy đi tìm luật sư. Family Tree He taunts JJ for allowing her baby to be handled by someone she's not married to and claims that he and Cindi have a bond far better than her bond with her partner because they never fight. As predicted, Morgan becomes enraged before realizing Malcolm didn't have time to dump the body and that Cindi is still alive. This lie was maintained by a ring of twisted sadomasochists he apparently joined at some point in his life and also a contract that was the ring's tradition. Shop for Best Price 123 Criminal Minds And Criminal Minds Cindi .Compare Price and Options of 123 Criminal Minds And Criminal Minds Cindi from variety stores in Cindi questions about why they're not going to the cabin, but Malcolm doesn't answer. Cảm thấy Yvonne cần một cái kết cho công cuộc tìm con gái, Derek đã nói dối bà rằng tên giết người đã nhặt ra ảnh của Cindi. EPISODE GUIDE Hai người kia giúp hắn giam cầm cô. Morgan later enters the interrogation room, much to Malcolm's delight. Guest Cast. Season 15, Episode 8 Desiree nhìn thấy cô lúc đậu xe đợi đèn đỏ ở một con đường gần khu họ ở ở Chicago, nhưng khi Desiree định đuổi theo Cindi thì cô đã bị xe khác đâm phải khiến cô bị thương phải nhập viện. No. Cũng vì vậy mà Cindi cùng Malcolm đến trốn đến nhà của Maguire, một người bạn của Malcolm. They hide Malcolm's car and inform him that they can get them into Canada. He is arrested by them, with JJ taunting him about "the secret." Pathology Birth Date Lần này Cindi thực sự xuất hiện trong tập phim. Như một nỗ lực để có thể được gặp Anthony, cô đã làm đúng theo ý đồ của hắn, và khẳng định với Derek, cô làm vậy là vì cô yêu Malcolm. Vụ án của cô một lần nữa được nhắc lại khi mẹ cô, Yvonne, tin rằng Cindi là một trong những nạn nhân của tên giết người hàng loạt đã ném thi thể nạn nhân của hắn ngoài khơi Jachsonville, Florida. Cindi dẫn Anthony tới giới thiệu cho Morgan và có một cuộc tái hợp đầy niềm vui và nước mắt với mẹ mình, Yvonne, và Sarah. "The Company". Malcolm is released, but on his way out with Cindi, they encounter Yvonne, Cindi's mother. Anh cũng khuyên cô tạm lánh tới Charleston, Nam Carolina, nhưng kẻ bám theo cô, Malcolm Ford, đã bắt cóc cô ở đó. Khi còn nhỏ, Derek cùng Sarah và Desiree thường ở cùng với Cindi và Yvonne khi mẹ họ, Fran, phải đi làm. Chad L. Coleman Morgan and Rossi catch him driving away from the store, but quickly discover Cindi isn't with him. This gave her extra incentive to obey his commands. JJ and Prentiss enter the interrogation, discussing their married lives and ignoring Malcolm. Cô bị ép phải kí hợp đồng nô lệ, và chấp nhận mọi sự hành hạ của Malcolm. In regards to the latter, while a so-called "Company" never existed, there was a ring of sadomasochists Cindi's captor was a member of, though it did not work in the exact capacity the captor purported. Cindi nhận thấy cơ hội trước mắt, đã nhanh chóng nhặt lấy khẩu súng Derek làm rơi rồi chĩa thẳng vào đầu Malcolm với ý định giết hắn, nhưng Derek đã thuyết phục cô hạ súng xuống. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He drives off and manages to lose Desiree when she is accidentally hit by another car while chasing him. He is also very intelligent, having a number of backup plans and strategies to employ whenever problems arose. Feeling cornered, Malcolm takes Cindi and Anthony into the woods and waits for Morgan to come. Bảy năm trước sự kiện trong “Big Sea”… Alec Smight Cindi Burns là em họ của đặc vụ Derek Morgan, cô xuất hiện trong tập “The Company”, mùa bảy của Criminal Minds. This is the 9th of 9 episodes in which a non-BAU/ guest cast character. Malcolm offers to tell them their "secret" if they will ask for permission, but they scoff at him and walk out. When Morgan comes close, he ambushes him, attempting to strangle him to death with his belt, but fails and is punched several times by him, incapacitating him. Their son, Anthony, was placed under the care of the ring, in a place called "The Cabin", which held other children brought about by this ring. However, judging from the hints that were provided by the episode, he appears to be a sexual sadist, gaining pleasure from his absolute control over Cindi and also his mind-games with Morgan. 1 killed1+ assaulted1 attempted Bruce Zimmerman He allows Cindi to speak to her, confident that she won't betray him. originale 21 septembre 2011 – 16 mai 2012 Nb. Jennifer Barbosa - Carol Reed; Mary Thornton Brown - Louise Jones Cả ba sau đó chạy trốn vào rừng, khi Derek vào rừng tìm kiếm một mình, Malcolm đã lao ra tấn công anh, nhưng hắn nhanh chóng bị anh khống chế. Khi Malcolm đánh xe vào một cửa hàng tiện ích để Cindi vào mua bữa tối cho hắn, cô bí mật mang theo khẩu súng lục ổ quay của Malcolm theo người, và trộm một gói spaghetti, nhãn hiệu mà cô thường ăn cùng Derek khi họ còn nhỏ, để thu hút sự chú ý của người anh họ. Status is somewhat misused. Trước khi họ dời khỏi sở, Yvonne giáp mặt Cindi, nhưng cô đã lạnh lùng từ chối nói chuyện với mẹ mình và bước lại chỗ Malcolm, hành động này khiến hắn rất vừa lòng và quyết định đưa cô tới “Căn nhà gỗ”. As he leaves, he attempts to burn the slave contract and several other documents in his fireplace in order to cover his tracks. Khi cả hai chuẩn bị dời đi thì gói shaghetti chưa thanh toán cô giấu trong người làm rung chuông báo động của cửa hàng, khiến Malcolm phải tính kế thoát rắc rối. As a result, Malcolm makes plans to leave, making Cindi pack a suitcase and apparently telling her that they are going to "the cabin". This didn't stop Malcolm, as he managed to abduct her before purchasing a gun and murdering a man named John Hitchens, another churchgoer that was interested in Cindi and who he saw as competition, in order to frame him as her abductor. Malcolm Ford is a murderous stalker, abductor, and rapist who appears in the Season Seven episode "The Company". Afterward, there was the requirement of permission to speak, and using the threat of a fictional, all-powerful "Company" against the victims' relatives to keep them from fleeing. Incarcerated The team also deduced that he fit the characteristics of a power-assertive stalker more closely than Hitchens. Tên đeo bám ngày một bạo dạn và đáng sợ, vì vậy Derek đã lập hồ sơ và tìm bắt hắn. Because of the threats and the slave contract [2]that she was forced to sign, Cindi easily submitted to his abuse and eventually became impregnated with his child. Male "Family Tree" is the eighth episode of Season Fifteen and 322nd of Criminal Minds. As the BAU travels to Beaumont, Texas, to investigate a series of murders, Prentiss and J.J. face important decisions about their futures.


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