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ChocolateCosmos: This drama pretty much introduced me to researching on Chinese romantic novels and revive my interest in Chinese entertainment. Drama Link: Boss and Me TV Series (Episode 1) Unfortunately, Viki took down their channel for Boss and Me. There are other sites when google searched for this drama, but I will refrain from posting them since I can’t vouch for how safe their sites are. I usually don’t watch that kind of drama. I hope the person above can find a translator for the story with your help. It was basically a smooth sailing romance story taking place on campus. To view it you would need to join the LJ community-, is translating Hua Xu Yin (she/he just started though). I've added the link to our list.Thank you for sharing! I dropped it few episodes in lol. Love late......please update soon.... Pandamonium-Chaos is writing/translating i can't tell a chinese BL novel, forsaken ballad, there's only 5 chapters out...a bit strange -_- ...and nothing angsty has happened in 5 chapter 7th or 8th apparently but its there and it exists so..yay! anyone know any other translation site for novel True Star / 巨星? Having only read 30 chapters at time of writing, this novel has somehow hooked me in, probably because I really want to know more about our main characters. Plus, it’s a happy ending! They're not here to cater to you or anyone else. I won't post links to raws here. This crime series tells the story of Bai Yutong and Zhan Yao as they solve crimes in the S.C.I Team (Special Crime Investigation). Awesome translations/summarises with daily updates. Probably, why I liked Nirvana in Fire 2, slightly more. Luxiufer hasn't dropped the translation. She clarified that in an entry for her page. Looking forward to this series of post. Even though the endings were not that great, I didn’t really feel that frustrated because at the end of the day, I know that the novel has a nicer ending (lol) and that the drama itself was really aiming to make people laugh. Waiting for part2. The protagonist in Rebirth of a Model is really mature and he always think things through before acting. Not too much angst. However, he is one with dubious potential, so just when he starts to adapt to his new circumstances, he receives a piece of bad news. Setting in London/France but very smutty, so get your tissues ready. currently translating it, but not yet posted since they urge me for the fic. iiangelx3: I didn’t read the novel either but this was one of the first few historicals that I watched. : This was the drama that got me into binge reading gaming novels! The translator hasn't dropped the project. In this novel, our protagonist hops around from one world to another, striving to break free of his never-ending cycle of tragic deaths as well as from the Lord God’s control. He/she might just be taking a break from translating it at the moment. Heh, you're so very welcome. All of them definitely great writer. thanks both of you :], Weird. Nirvana in Fire – brought me back to Cdramas. Title: (杉杉来了) Shan Shan Lai Le | English Title: Boss and Me | Also known as: 杉杉的美味爱情 Shan Shan De Mei Wei Ai Qing, 杉杉来吃 Shan Shan Lai Chi| Genre: Romance, Modern Drama | Episodes: 34 | Broadcast network: JSTV | Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-08 to 2014-Jul-20. 8.5. Also, you got to see the female lead more in the sequel compared to the first one. You need to register at Yaoi Otaku before allowed to download anything. XD. Hi there! 8D, Does anyone know the novel '鐵劍春秋之八月十五' translate to English link or website to read? Hope that answered your question! She's currently busy with real life, so she's on hiatus at the moment. lol....waiting for your translation to be completed before starting reading it. We been pretty busy lately that haven't been able to continue. Yes, thank you for the hard work! (Just this and King’s Avatar) hahhaa It was such a novelty for me when I first watched it. As for character names, I just remember their faces most of the time lol. I’ll go look for it. In this better world, on a more vigorous and brilliant stage, the first supermodel tries to reproduce the glory of another world!’. This is my take on why there are not many people taking up the novel for a translation project. Hi.Thanks to your links I've found out about Chinese BL novels.


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