chakravyuha (mahabharata)

This is correct on formation of Chakravyuha. ?2.if the army was rotating..why they dint attack the target all at once. Padma-Vyuha is another complex defensive formation which used to have five or more wings. Your email address will not be published. ie around 4 Million people are believed to be killed in the Mahabharata war. 2. The Padmavyūha (Sanskrit language: पद्मव्यूह) or Chakravyūha (चक्रव्यूह) refers to a Military formation narrated in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. This was commonly used when the early European settlers fought the highly mobile Natives (Red Indians) in America. I include tips for you body type, diet plans, lifestyle plans and much more for free! Hi Guys,Gr8 blogs but the most important clue seems to be missing here.Chakravyuha is not an offensive mechanism.It was a purely defensive mechanism.Also the spiral and not concentric rings are rotationary in nature but still static.They dont move front or back.The important clue is the CHALLENGE.Once the chakrvyuha is set the enemy is challenged to break it and if not then accept defeat.This was warfare ofcourse in Treta Yuga.So in the absence of Arjuna somebody from the Pandavas had to accept the challenge or accept defeat.Abhimanyu had the knowledge of breaking through and he took it upon himself so that the Pandavas didnt have to accept defeat.The Challenge is to capture the rival king and take him to their own camp ALIVE.Also to apply this formation a gr8 general is required who knows the pros and cons.This formation if breached means the end of war.This was also done in order to minimise the heavy casualties on both sides.Bhishma himself ensured that the Pandava army was reduced to 50%.So was the case with Arjuna reducing the Kaurava army to half.Also breaching this formation couldve been known to Karna but he did not know how to actually form it. ....Well if you look at the people who could break this formations.....All are excellent archers....The key is that Archers can engage with enemy even at a distance....They use the chariot to manoeuvre and have immense concentration to focus on a wider enemy attack...Lets take Bhima on the other hand....He would prefer a direct attack head to head...Which is this case is catastrophic.....Hence only a very good archer...with immense concentration and mobility can pierce the vyuha...Not to mention the vyuha itself rotates... 5. 18 Akshauhinis fought altogether and just 12 people survived the war. 5.Now why that open space 45 degree at first spiral why not complete the circle completely 360 degree? Such a Great epic.Jai Hind!!! I want to know: If Pradyumna did not participate in Mahabharata war, then why didn't he participate? when their ulitmate aim is to capture yudhisther then they should have continued with their "Chakravyuah".


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