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Agi - just enough for 195 attack speed. (4/13/13)sharing soulbreaker build (12/14/13)Assassin Auto-Sonic Blow Build [battlegrounds] (9/14/14)Panda's Guide to Alternate way to 400 kills in HHH & leveling E.weapon (4/19/16)Mortred's Hybrid-Katar PVP Guillotine Cross Guide (2/20/2017) New !! Weapon Avoid luring too much it will kill you because you are too poor. [Lv 4] : +8% Max HP, +80 DEF, +170% HP Recovery. I will only list down the skills that are mostly needed for a damage build Sura. Steam and the Steam logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. I highly suggest going through this route when you have properly established your character, what I mean is that you have separate builds for farming and instancing which you can fallback to.

Shield [Lv 9] : 1400% ATK, +1350% ATK (If knocked into wall), 2300% ATK (Against Boss monster). Armor [Lv 2] : 7 Maximum Spirit Spheres, +4% Max HP, +4% Max SP, Duration 45 seconds. It's like rebirthing your character once again. Thief BranchAssassin Cross/Guillotine Cross. This skills damage is increased based on the casters Base Level, and STR.

This page was last edited on 7 April 2020, at 20:03. (4/12/12)Mechanic Guide by ????? [Lv 7] : 1850% ATK, 2.0 seconds of immobilized status. If you have an account, please, Updated overall guides visit DreamerRO wiki page,, Valkyrie Azul's Comprehensive Guide for Lord Knights, Daedalus's Rampaging Bash (Bowling Bash Guide for RK), Panda's Rune Knight Guide! Kill the Dragons first. Bloody Branch - 12103 A Gates of Hell build will need you to have DEX and INT as main stats for Variable Cast-Time and Range Attack requirements, with that in mind having a build with DEX and INT synergies very well with the Utility role since the Bombring damage scales with the aforementioned stats also. "","Playstation" and "" are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc.©2019 Valve Corporation. Weapon: Blades [4x mobster card 1x Incatation Samurai Card* 3x paper card] *incantation samurai is probably not needed but having it is good since crit no longer ignore def. Damage is calculated using the following formula; Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage × (BaseLevel ÷ 100)]% + Bonus_Damage + Target_BaseLevel × 40a.

The choice of gear composition will soley rely upon which you prefer, High Damage with Delay in Skill or Medium Damage with a Better Delay in Skill. Although there are some fun things you could do with this Skill. Kindly Sent a message to any of the staff/moderator or leaved your comment below with the link. Come and catch the first generation Pokemons! STAT BUILD. Awfully Bitter Bracer - Increase Vit stat to 6 for 30 mins. [Lv 3] : (360 + 3%) HP restored, 15% Chance to recover from statuses. Great damage output when used with the right equipment. This skill deals increased damage to Boss monsters, since they can not be knocked back. Stomp the ground violently shaking the area around and dealing damage to all nearby enemies. *New*, Binse (GX) Breaker Build for 2nds (12/9/15) Fasdr (Gx) 2nd WOE build (12/4/15), Easun's Asura Stalker guide (12/15/11)Lady Galadriel SC Element Resist and 100% PD for Stripping in BG (9/15/15)Newbie Shadow Chaser guide (BM, CaspenDun, Hero, etc.) Success Rate = [{BaseSuccessRate + (DEX + BaseLevel) ÷ 4} − Random(1, 10)]%. This page contain every dungeon entrance quest guides in Ragnarok Online. The more you keep on farming maps with dense monster population the faster you gain EXP. Is it good? Gunslinger. Limited weapon choices. +4% ATK, Best used with 700 or 800 more ATK. Use Enchant Deadly Poison and then berserk. For you to one shot maggots with Tiger Cannon only, let your Minstrel cast apple and Friggs. Items ", Pudding Prius (Aegis) posted a new blog entry, "ハウジング.". iSkyscraper's Star Gladiator PVP/WoE Guide. Video Example: Lure some mobs. Deadly Poison -1% chance of being inflicted, Burning = reduces chance of being inflicted, reduces duration by 0.1, Freezing = reduces chance of being inflicted, reduces duration by 0.1. Get this skill to max since you will need it for more defense. This status ailment causes the following effects: Stone Armor

If you do not have access to White Knight and Khalitzburg Knight Card Combo I suggest using Platinum Shield [0]. Two, Attention Concentrate only lasts for 60 seconds and you will be refreshing this buff during fight with the Boss. When playing Monk Combos, you will need to use the NovaExt Settings to make combo easier and convenient. The best way to level a Sura is to farm with a Sura. Make sure your character has Auto-Attack on. The gears, items and builds showcased in this guide does not mean it is the best of all builds but more of a basis for you to make your own better version. Then once you finish.. you can type this to teleport to a town.. "@warp caspen" (caspen is the main town of DreamerRo..) once you are there... You will meet many players.. then from there you can see an NPC (Non-Player Character) which is wearing a crown and a beard.. --> Click on it to change your job.. by clicking it and clicking the . From here you need to obtain the Eden Group Equipment. (Make sure to bring more SP pots and Holy Bullets.). Arrows, For Auto SB build classes you can just auto attack them untilyou trigger your Sonic Blow. [Lv 2] : 14% Max HP, 7% Max SP, 480 Bonus damage, 1000 Bonus damage (If used in combo). General Guides[Hero Ranking] MONSTER ARENA RANKING GUIDE - FOR ALL CLASS[Draconus kill] Temple Draconus simple easy guide build (Jan 2018)[Save the Princess] STP Guide - Most classes (09/05/16)[Phantasmagoria] All purpose build for HHH (18/05/19)[Holiday Farming] GX Holiday Farming 1 Damage Build (14/10/19), -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mercenary's skill Tender can undo the effect. Liu Rang Mei's Ninja Guide for STP (and monster guide), fattyking's GUNSLINGER ranking guide (monster arena), Gunslingers' Monster-Arena Ranking Guide-, Non Kiel spam for jobs(except for Non-rebirth), The Shield: A Simple Orcs Memory Dungeon Guide (RG / Sura / GX), [Lv 6] : 22% Max HP, 11% Max SP, 1440 Bonus damage, 3000 Bonus damage (If used in combo). Building gears that increases STR and ATK is essential to increase your damage potential in Gramps Quests. You can also use this skill to make an Auto-Cast Sura. * Notifications for standings updates are shared across all Worlds. Leap towards a target and strike it with long ranged physical damage, knocking back the target in the process. I am simply too lazy to change it. Casts multiple combo skills in rapid succession with bonus ATK.

!SOUL LINKER CASPEN GUIDE (UPDATED), Vanilla Chooo's Star Gladiator Build (5/4/15)Star Gladiator Woe Breaker (10/20/11)[ xStar Gladiator] Emperium Breaking Guide Crit Type (2/13/12)iSkyscraper's Star Gladiator PVP/WoE Guide.
This build is not too cheap. Summary Dreamer RO Hero Quest is a unique quest in dRO that allows your character to have additional stats and skill points after reaching level 500.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------X. Super Novice, XI.

It cost around 3b in market at the time of writing. Valkyrian Armor increases resistance by 50%.

Try to focus on farming during this stage of level and in no time you will reach 145 in no time.

My way of leveling my characters is to make two accounts. Whichever you prefer is solely up to you.


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