canadian environmental assessment act 2019

41 (1) If the impact assessment of a designated project is referred to a review panel, the Minister must — within 45 days after the day on which the notice referred to in subsection 19(4) with respect to the designated project is posted on the Internet site — establish the panel’s terms of reference and the Agency must, within the same period, appoint as a member one or more persons who are unbiased and free from any conflict of interest relative to the designated project and who have knowledge or experience relevant to the designated project’s anticipated effects or have knowledge of the interests and concerns of the Indigenous peoples of Canada that are relevant to the assessment. 152 The Agency must publish, in the manner it considers appropriate. (a) all records posted on the Internet site; (b) any report relating to the impact assessment; (c) any comments that are received from the public in relation to the Agency’s preparations for a possible impact assessment and in relation to the impact assessment; (d) any records relating to the design or implementation of any follow-up program; and.
(2) If the Agency or a review panel incurs a cost in relation to the exercise of its powers or the performance of its duties and functions in respect of which no fee, charge or levy is provided for under subsection (1), the proponent of the designated project in respect of which the power is exercised or the duty or function is performed must pay to the Agency, (a) any costs that the Agency or review panel incurs for prescribed services provided by a third party in the exercise of that power or the performance of that duty or function; and. (3) The Agency must take into consideration the factors set out in subsection 36(2) in establishing a time limit that exceeds 300 days. 53 (1) A review panel has the power to summon any person to appear as a witness before it and to order the witness to, (a) give evidence, orally or in writing; and. This appointment resulted in the report, Building Common Ground: A New Vision for Impact Assessment in Canada, that provided key input into the newly-enacted regime. The regulator would, however, be responsible for recommending whether the government should issue a certificate for a pipeline. Whereas the Government of Canada is committed to fostering sustainability; (b) are designated by regulations made under paragraph 109(b) or designated in an order made by the Minister under subsection 9(1). (4) Every corporation or entity, other than a corporation or entity referred to in subsection (3), that commits an offence under subsection (1) is liable on summary conviction, (a) for a first offence, to a fine of not less than $100,000 and not more than $4,000,000; and. As a result, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency will transition to the Impact Assessment Agency, and the National Energy Board will transition to the Canadian Energy Regulator.

(3) If the Minister designates a physical activity, or a class of physical activities, under section 87 or a class of projects under subsection 88(1), the Agency must post on the Internet site a notice that includes a description of the physical activity, the class of physical activities or the class of projects, as the case may be, and the Minister’s reasons for making the designation. (b) any prescribed amount that is related to the exercise by the Agency or review panel of that power or the performance by it of that duty or function.

(a) a Minister of the Crown in right of Canada; (b) an agency of the Government of Canada or a parent Crown corporation, as defined in subsection 83(1) of the Financial Administration Act, or any other body established by or under an Act of Parliament that is ultimately accountable through a Minister of the Crown in right of Canada to Parliament for the conduct of its affairs; (c) any department or departmental corporation that is set out in Schedule I, I.1 or II to the Financial Administration Act; and. 103 The Agency must post a copy of the report on the Internet site. 126 (1) If an enforcement officer believes on reasonable grounds that a person or entity has contravened this Act, they may issue a notice of non-compliance to that person or entity.
Public notice — amendment to decision statement. The bill would require the minister to create an advisory council, which would have to include at least three members who have been recommended by an Indigenous governing body or other entity and who represent the interests of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. She also holds a Masters in Environmental Studies and a Planning Certificate from York University, and a B.A.H. (2.1) At the proponent’s request, the Agency may, before the time limit referred to in subsection (2) has expired, extend the time limit by any period that is necessary for the proponent to provide the Agency with the information or studies.

(b) the implementation of a follow-up program and, if the Minister considers it appropriate, an adaptive management plan.


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