canadian environmental assessment act
(c) the deadline and address for filing comments on the conclusions and recommendations of the report. 128 (1) This Act does not apply to a project, as defined in the former Act, that is a designated project as defined in this Act, if one of the following conditions applies: (a) the proponent of the project has, before the day on which this Act comes into force, initiated the construction of the project; (b) it was determined by the Agency or a federal authority under the former Act that an environmental assessment of the project was likely not required; (c) the responsible authority has taken a course of action under paragraph 20(1)(a) or (b) or subsection 37(1) of the former Act in relation to the project; or. Subject to paragraphs 20(1)(b) and (c), where at any time a responsible authority is of the opinion that, (a) a project, taking into account the implementation of any mitigation measures that the responsible authority considers appropriate, may cause significant adverse environmental effects, or. (3) Any person to whom an order is given under subsection (1) must comply with the order given. (d) the comprehensive study report that is to be taken into consideration by a responsible authority in making its decision under subsection 37(1) or a description of how a copy of the report may be obtained. (d) the renewal of a licence, permit, approval or other action under a prescribed provision is sought. (2) When the Agency commences a comprehensive study of a project, it shall, without delay, send a notice to any responsible authority in relation to that project. 65. 12.1 The role of a federal environmental assessment coordinator is to coordinate the participation of federal authorities in the environmental assessment process for a project where a screening or comprehensive study is or might be required and to facilitate communication and cooperation among them and with provinces, persons or bodies referred to in sections 8 to 10, jurisdictions referred to in paragraph 12(5)(c) or (d) or 40(1)(e) or (f) and other participants. (3) A document referred to in this section is, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, presumed to have been issued on the date that it bears. (b) take any measure that is necessary in order to comply with this Act or to mitigate the effects of non-compliance. (b) the project is described in the comprehensive study list. Establishment of committee — region entirely on federal lands. (b) in respect of lands referred to in paragraph (1)(a) or (2)(a), the council of the band for whose use and benefit the reserve has been set apart, (c) in respect of lands referred to in paragraph (1)(c) or (e) or (2)(b), the party to the agreement or claim — or that party’s successor — that was, or was acting on behalf of, an aboriginal people or group, or. (1.1) Where a report is submitted by a mediator or review panel. (b) a report is prepared with respect to that environmental assessment. (2) Subject to subsections (1) and (3), the federal environmental assessment coordinator for a project is, (a) the sole responsible authority in relation to the project; or.


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