black and indigenous lives matter canada
Will it help break Australia’s culture of impunity... Britain’s spies and special forces are some of the most secretive in the Western world. There are a lot of Indigenous people protesting in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, which has caused some people to ask, “What about Indigenous lives?”. Canada is celebrated around the world for its diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism, often held up in contrast to the UK’s recent Brexit vote and the rise of Donald Trump as a political candidate south of the border. The record of Zimbabwe's new President is not re-assuring for  Zimbabweans interested in human rights discovers Richard Swift, Raising voices to stop rape in Bangladesh. This lasted until sometime in the early 1900s. They should not be representing an establishment that actively seeks to eradicate certain populations of people. And, as many people know, the history of genocide, violence, and racism against Indigenous people is appalling to say the least. “The most frequent way that we do that in Canada is to say we are not the United States. They also objected to the jury selection process, pointing to the state’s use of ‘peremptory challenges’ – the right to dismiss potential jurors without stating a reason – to exclude five potential indigenous jurors. The positive part about this for Indigenous people, is that that Black people are much more prominent in media than Indigenous people, and they are more likely to get their messages out to a broad and international audience. Shortly before the death of Floyd a Black man, Ahmaud Arbery, was killed while he was jogging in the middle of the day. Last week’s blockade of Pride was the most high-profile – and most contentious – protest so far by the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter. Nithin Coca reports. If you don't feel like you understand your options, just ask, and we will contact you to NEGOTIATE SOLUTIONS that hold offending organizations accountable for committing Human Rights violations against our population, without the need to ask for permission from the local police departments that refuse to investigate, lay charges or prosecute human rights offenses committed by organizations like The Children's Aid Society, The Ministry Of Correctional Services & The Local Police Forces that employ the corrupt individuals that unlawfully target, injure & kill our innocent & systematically oppressed population of people year after year with nearly 0% accountability for their crimes against us & against humanity as a whole, leaving our people with no human rights resources to utilize in our defense, leaving our population of people helpless, defenseless & vulnerable to be easily targeted as a result of the ongoing racial discrimination, racial targeting, inequality & racism which results in numerous injustices that never get investigated by The Canadian Human Rights Commissions or The Human Rights Tribunals in this racially oppressive, discriminatory  justice system. The violent crackdown against Chilean protesters is reviving painful memories of dictatorship. We were confined to reserves with the pass system, so to work off the reserve we had to give up our First Nations status.


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