binding of isaac afterbirth plus unlock guide
• Lil Gurdy can glide over the top of objects and obstacles in the room. • The enemies in close range will take 5 damage then have a poison over time effect which deals your tear damage 4 or 6 times. Speaking of playing fast and loose with your HP, my fourth tip for Afterbirth Plus new players is making use of Curse Rooms. • This is one of the items which allows you to transform into Guppy. *, bullseye, target, grey, gray, black, red, circle. any Soul or Black hearts (This bug has been fixed in Afterbirth+). This ending is considered by fans to be the true ending. *, black, white, grey, gray, round, circle, eye, key, hole, coin, slot, laser, • Taking damage will spawn an orbital that rotates around Isaac, dealing contact damage to enemies and blocking enemy projectiles, • A maximum of 3 Leprocy orbitals can be active at one time, • Using the orbital to deal damage to enemies can cause it to break, • Added as part of the Afterbirth+ Booster Pack #2. • The chance to fire poison shots is affected by your luck stat and at +12 Luck it will activate every time. • When used, Mom's Box will drop a random trinket on the ground. • +15% chance to get a double item room to spawn on the next floor. • 1 Dot - Rerolls all of your items. Item Pool: Gold Chest, Greed Mode Gold Chest, Dead shopkeeper. • The tears appear red but have no additional damage. Hard Mode Unlock? • A familiar that is controlled via the arrow keys and will automatically fire a laser if anything is in its line of sight. UNLOCK: Unlock this item by donating 999 pennies to the Shop. single source only. • A razor blade orbital that deals contact damage and applies the bleeding status effect to enemies, which will cause them to take damage equal to 10% of their total health every 5 seconds, • The contact damage dealt by Mom's Razor is equal to 20% of your current tear damage (scales with damage upgrades), • The bleed effect does not affect bosses, • Its speed is not affected by the Guardian Angel item, • An eye orbital that shoots a tear every 2 seconds that deals 3.5 damage and deals 2 contact damage per tick to enemies, • Tears will fire in the direction it is currently facing and do not target enemies, • Unlike other orbitals, this item does not block enemy projectiles, • The damage dealt by this orbital does not scale with damage upgrades, • When used, spawns a charmed random white delirium version of a boss, that will fight for you and kill other enemies for the rest of the current room, • Possible bosses spawned include most bosses in the game, • Some bosses' effects can harm Isaac. spray, brown, white, yellow. He starts with Book Of Belial, which is a great item for a two reasons - one of these being that it gives you a nice damage boost for the room you use it in (try to save it for Boss Rooms). * item room, treasure room, item room pool, brown, glass, beaker, white, * demon beggar pool, demon judgement pool, devil beggar pool, boss room pool, boss room item, * e coli, item room, treasure room, item room pool, tampon, bloody, red, white. There is an exploit that you can use while using The Lost, to possibly make it somewhat easier. Azazel must die to any attack from the boss in Sheol. You can find a Balls of Steel pill, or a Hierophant card. UNLOCK: Unlock this item by beating all bosses and completing all post-it note marks in hard mode with The Lost character. • Tears now have a random chance to become sticky bombs, which will attach to enemies and explode after a few seconds. double your original damage and stacking with other damage increasing • Cannot lower the charge of your spacebar item below 1 room. • When Isaac takes damage, the bottle breaks and leaves a pool on • Can be used to go in and out of a Curse Room without taking damage. These unlocks will require investing dozens of hours into the game.


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