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The complete ridiculousness of it, but also how plausible it could end up being, is what makes it great and a solid favourite for every Community fan. Follow our Twitter feed for faster news and bad jokes right here. Epidemiology (Season 2) – 9.3: “The study group is left to fend for themselves by Dean Pelton during a rabies outbreak due to tainted food at Greendale's Halloween party.”. —D.F. Fighting over Pierce’s exclusion from the group (and a rather large amount of prize money for the overall winner), the group split up and take up their positions in the second paintball war of Greendale. Then, there’s “Geothermal Escapism,” a high concept homage to post-apocalypse movies in which the campus says goodbye to Troy with one final game of lava. — and features one of the greatest series finales ever. Colleen Hayes/NBC, Credit: And be our Facebook chum here. Accusations fly as each member is cornered and their motives questioned, Pierce immediately assuming it was Troy and Annie sparking a catfight with Britta, who turns on Shirley. They need to be together as they bring out the best in each other. 'Community' recap: 'Laws of Robotics and Party Rights', Community season finale recap: The Finale to End all Finales, Community recap: John Hodgman and the expelled Greendale Seven, Community recap: Expulsion of the Greendale Seven, Community recap: Blade, Vampire Franchise and Britta's Boyfriend, Community recap: Ken Burns' The Pillow War, Community recap: Subway and the Pillow War, Community recap: French Stewart and the Star Mitzvah. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Now we are being told that this nickname, and the ridicule of his fellow students, has driven Neil to the brink of suicide and it is only on Jeff receiving his old D&D books that he “wouldn’t need anymore” that it is noticed that something needs to be done. NBC, Credit: —C.A. The episode is … When the members of Greendale's annoying Glee club suffer mental breakdowns, the club's director Mr. Rad (Taran Killam) tries recruiting the club to fill in at the Christmas pageant. —Christian Holub. As the group is making a diorama of themselves making a diorama, Annie’s Boobs appears yet again, sparking a chain of events which leads to them finding his stash of stolen belongings (including Annie’s pen from Cooperative Calligraphy). With this episode, Community brilliantly took such a relatable yet low-stakes situation and elevated it by depicting the study group’s attempt to control Greendale's chicken finger market through a hilarious and glorious Goodfellas homage. The inmates reclaimed the asylum in the comeback fifth season. —C.A. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Modern Warfare (1.23) This is the episode that introduced it all. The season 1 finale necessarily dabbled in some love triangle shenanigans at its climax, but “Anthropology 101” had no use for that stuff. While the episode does take shots at how the mockumentary format helps simplify stories, it also highlights how it can lead to very raw moments, like Troy losing it over LeVar Burton’s appearance (which is high art), and, well, everything going on between Pierce and Jeff.—C.A. But, as this is Community, things are done a little differently. The half-hour tracks Abed and the group’s rise to power, the eventual schism with Jeff, who hates not being in control, and the hubris that leads to their downfall, while also telling a touching story about Abed’s desire to fit in. The study group tries to celebrate Troy’s 21st birthday in high style, hitting up a bar called the Ballroom for a night of boozy fun. Throughout the episode, we find ourselves feeling sorry for Pierce being kicked out of the group and being treated badly by everyone (except Annie, the only member who voted to keep him in). Yes, it's been available on Hulu for quite some time (and still is), but being on the biggest streaming service opens it up to even bigger pool of new viewers who may have missed it while it aired on NBC (and subsequently Yahoo Screen, R.I.P.) Paget Brewster! The perfect combination for such an odd episode of the show. “Mixology Certification” is the ultimate proof against Community’s reputation as a gimmick machine, turning the horrors of a bad/(normal?) —Chancellor Agard, Decades of yuletide repetition made the Rankin/Bass specials ripe for cheap parody. —C.H. And the Marvel jabs are only sharper now that so many Community creatives have worked in the MCU. Created by Rick & Morty's Dan Harmon, the perennially low-rated, formula-obliterating comedy had a very simple setup. Like “Mixology Certification,” “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking” pushes Community into some fairly dark places, except this time the show uses the mockumentary format to do so. A dice roll sends the characters through a multiverse of possibility, as ever-so-brief shifts in the group’s dynamic lead to increasingly major changes of existential condition. Secondly, Troy’s reaction to the appearance of LeVar Burton. Action films and apocalyptic fiction are heavily invoked; when Jeff first wakes up from his car nap in the midst of the game, he walks alone through the deserted, detritus-strewn campus like Cillian Murphy in 28 Days Later. Jordin Althaus/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images, Credit: During the episode it is also revealed that Shirley is pregnant and, thanks to Abed’s menstrual cycle tracking, that conception must have happened on Halloween. The episode which created one of the most exciting storylines of the show. A night at Troy and Abed’s new apartment turns into a look into multiple-timelines and what could happen to the future if one small detail was changed in the present, in this case a dice-roll. Many people see flashback episodes as a way around having to make another episode, merely slicing together a few clips from previously shown and allowing the characters to reminisce about the past. Cooperative Calligraphy takes a traditional bottle-episode of a sitcom or television drama (a popular example being the Breaking Bad episode Fly, which takes place in the lab as Walt and Jessie hunt down a rogue fly for the entirety of the episode) and makes it self-aware, Jeff slamming the doors in fury, exclaiming “I’m doing a bottle-episode!” to his date down the phone. From Goodfellas spoofs to Halloween zombies and yes, paintball, Megan counts down the ten best Dan Harmon-era episodes of Community... With the sad news that Dan Harmon will no longer be the showrunner for Community, it seems to be as good a time as any to look back on the best bits of a show that really is streets ahead of any other. The idea of multiple timelines may seem boring at first, seeing the same actions repeated over and over, but it’s the variation of the things that happen sparked from one event which makes the viewer stick with it. Pierce has created himself a sanctuary in which he is finally king (Fort Hawthorne in the cafeteria), complete with exotic dancers (Garrett and Becky) and toilet privileges for the cost of a few bullets. You know that “guy enters a room with pizza and it’s on fire” GIF? Very little happens in the duration but somehow everyone in the study group ends up in their underwear with their bag emptied and civil rights tampered with. Like the paintball episodes, the blanket fort episodes of Community will go down in the history of the show as its greatest creations. Many viewers probably expected Jeff and Britta to become A Thing after their paintball hook-up, but this episode directly parodied that by having them play-act a fake relationship in order to appease the campus fanbase Britta acquired after her earlier public love confession and subsequent rejection. There are fake guns and mistaken identities, mysterious classes and sexual tension, topped off with the breakdown of the Dean (“Would that this hoodie was a time hoodie!”). Things quickly begin to become more complex and spiral out of control with the introduction of guns and a growing list of deception. In the case of Abed he becomes the new crime lord of Greendale, trading chicken fingers for favours and holding the students in the palm of his hand. That alone makes this episode great and provides one of Donald Glover’s best performances yet. The episode shows perfectly how the Community writing staff manage to take a completely unbelievable situation and make it so us as the audience still care about the welfare of our favourite characters. One of the greatest achievements of the episode is creating jokes before they happen, setting it up in one time line only for the punchline to be given in another. Few television shows manage to put this much love and emotion into an episode, but Community achieves it in such a wonderful way in this episode, it immediately goes to the top of the list. Both episodes bring an era of Community to a fitting conclusion. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Change may not always be good, but in this instance it created one of the best episodes by providing us with something different: an almost direct homage to Scorsese’s Goodfellas. All important elements of a conspiracy thriller are cleverly weaved into this episode, from a tiny car in a diorama exploding to a dramatic chase scene through the fort of blankets (only to be thwarted by a Latvian Independence parade passing through). and might finally check it out now. Remedial Chaos Theory (Season 3) – 9.8: “At Abed and Troy's housewarming party, Jeff decides to let the decision on who gets the pizza rest on the roll of the dice, leaving Abed to contemplate six alternate realities.”. It’s hard for a television show to light-heartedly approach the subject of suicide but still make an important point of it. In the end none of the characters have any awareness of what actually happened to them, concluding someone (Chang woeful that it wasn’t him) ‘roofied’ the entire Halloween party as a prank. As they rifle through the pile of ephemera they begin to reminisce about events that have happened during the time they’ve known each other, good and bad, and arguments inevitably erupt. Jeff loses an arm, Pierce gets fatally shot, Annie ends up in a mental institution, and Shirley is an alcoholic…all because Troy went to get the pizza. 2. It also allows for other characters to reference Abed’s filming of events, reminding us that this is indeed (to an extent) a recording of a recording, something self-referential that Community does so well. This is when the show really started to distinguish itself from the average sitcom. Promoted as a Pulp Fiction spoof, “Critical Film Studies” is one of the best examples of Community zigging where you thought it would zag, because it was actually much more of an homage to My Dinner With Andre. Celebrities play it now, everyone’s seen Game of Thrones, and a game centered around in-person imagination and collaboration has taken on new resonance in an age of increasing alienation (to say nothing of our current moment — try getting a D&D group together on Zoom if you’re bored at home!). You may opt-out by.


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