best andy griffith episodes
"The Andy Griffith Show is one of the most celebrated series of all time," explains Sal Maniaci, Vice President, Development and Production, TV Land. But there’s a big difference when counting this year’s gems: there are fewer “must-includes” because, to extend the metaphor, this year’s gems are less polished. Now, everything we know about this character (and about motorcycles) tells us that there’s a comic discrepancy, so all the script has to do is present its inherently amusing mismatch without much fuss. MVE contender. Thanks. Written by Michael Morris & Seaman Jacobs | Directed by Lee Philips. Opie accidentally gets a recorded confession from one of Andy’s inmates. The good news is Andy is nicer than he’s been in years — his so-called “grumpy” period is over, and there are indeed a few notable episodes with appreciated warmth. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! One of my favorites, always unfairly in the shadow of THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW but so often hilarious. 03) Episode 104: “Up In Barney’s Room” (Aired: 12/02/63). There are some typical laughs given the premise, and the use of the two primary couples is probably better here than in any other segment this year, but “A Date For Gomer” really works because it humanizes Jim Nabors’ character, in advance of his spin-off. A season-by-season study requires every season be studied. The Ten Best THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW Episodes of Season Eight. from Andy Griffith is a fill-in for someone better, the bland quality of that series is forecast here in Season Eight, which is undoubtedly Andy Griffith’s weakest, as too many stories are centered around characters who are either checked out (Andy), divorced from their rich familial bonds (Opie and Bee), or pale imitations of their predecessors (well… everyone else). For years after this was originally on kids in my neighborhood would yell “Citizen’s Arrest” whenever there was any kind of altercation! 09) Episode 240: “Barney Hosts A Summit Meeting” (Aired: 01/29/68). 2004 -TV Land continues to roll out its line-up of original specials this summer and celebrates The Andy Griffith Show with a look at some of the most memorable episodes from the enduring classic sitcom as the network premieres TV Land's Top 10: The Andy Griffith Show on Wednesday, July 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 10) Episode 125: “Barney And Thelma Lou, Phfftt” (Aired: 05/04/64). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts. Andy runs a laundromat to raise money for Opie’s college. 04) Episode 224: “Opie Steps Up In Class” (Aired: 10/09/67). Thanks for reading and commenting. Dude is gold. At least the first episode of RFD tied some loose ends up. But this is still a sitcom, and a minimum of comedy is required. My choice for the season’s Most Valuable Episode (MVE), “Citizen’s Arrest” may be one of the quintessential examples of Andy Griffith, serving not just as one of the strongest half hours of the entire series, but also as a highly favorable ambassador both for the workplace/Barney-driven aspect of the series’ identity, which typically supplies the big laughs, and the “small town” element represented by the ensemble at large, which includes Gomer, the second funniest person on the show this season and a stellar comedic counterpoint to Barney — someone who thinks he knows it all vs. someone who’s content not knowing very much at all. Joyce Van Patten appears. Stay tuned next week for the start of our look at CAR 54! The Andy Griffith Show stars ANDY GRIFFITH as Sheriff Andy Taylor, DON KNOTTS as Deputy Barney Fife, RON HOWARD as Opie Taylor, and FRANCES BAVIER as Aunt Bee. Andy, Barney, and Gomer go into a supposedly haunted house. Written by Jim Fritzell & Everett Greenbaum | Directed by Dick Crenna. Yea I know that at the time it drew mixed reactions due to their portrayals of officers at the time. But the best of these shows usually work because they contextualize him within the world, and what I like best about “The Shoplifters” is the assortment of Mayberrians that fill out the story, and the fact that we get taken to a new place. There’s good news and bad news though. Written by Aaron Ruben | Directed by Lee Philips. 04) Episode 105: “A Date For Gomer” (Aired: 12/09/63). 06) Episode 230: “Andy’s Investment” (Aired: 11/20/67). I agree still lots of good episodes in this season. There are a few choice moments here, but otherwise, this is merely a decent telling of a script-proof story. There were 249 episodes in all, 159 in black and white (seasons 1–5) and 90 in color (seasons 6–8). Other notable episodes that merit mention include: the two closest to the above list, “The Song Festers,” which pairs the previous notion of Barney’s terrible warbling with the surprising glory of Jim Nabors’ booming voice, and “Andy’s Vacation,” which is the year’s best example of how well Knotts and Nabors work together, along with “A Black Day For Mayberry,” a premise-driven outing that works as a “small town” show, “My Fair Ernest T. Bass,” which features Doris Packer and claims the best use of Ernest T. Bass (because it tames his over-the-top energy), and “Bargain Day,” which is often compared to an I Love Lucy, but isn’t funny enough to benefit from such an association. Hi, Hal! Welcome to a new Sitcom Tuesday! After Barney arrests Gomer, Gomer arrests Barney for the same violation. and that’s an important barometer of this show’s quality. TV LAND SALUTES MAYBERRY WITH "TV LAND'S TOP TEN: THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW" Andy Griffith, Don Knotts and Others Reminisce About Their Favorite Episodes … Fortunately, this one is worth the attention, thanks to its original premise of Opie accidentally getting a recording of Andy’s jailed and suspected bank robber (Herbie Faye) confessing to the crime — a tape that Opie wants to, but can’t, admit as evidence. Your reviews have made me appreciate the color episodes more. Because Andy is not around as much in Eight, we celebrate this entry more than we would normally. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. |. Looking forward to CAR 54. So, this isn’t a terrific half hour, but it’s got enough of everything tonally important, and it’s memorable. Most of the criticism was less about the portrayal of cops than about the quality of the comedy, which some considered “broad” and “preposterous.” Complaining that officers were depicted as morons was a lazy way of complaining about the way characters were written. What’s more, the comedic premise, of Andy franchising a coin laundry, is rich with laughs — and character actresses like Jesslyn Fax and Maudie Prickett. THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (Without Andy Griffith): A Look at MAYBERRY R.F.D. As with several Opie shows from Seven, we’re in Leave It To Beaver territory, with too much of the kids and a depiction of Ron Howard’s aging character that’s too precious to fully buy. Based on what they wrote, it’s probable they would have felt the same if the characters were window washers or scuba divers. Barney gets evicted by his little old landlady. Yes, a bigger drop is to come between Seasons Four and Five; stay tuned…. We all kind of agree about S5 but, to me, S4 has its own troubles. Not surprised to see “Howard’s New Life” missing from the top 10. :-). So, even on the terms of a dramatic “warmedy,” I think this entry fails its characters… However, it’s due to the weakened nature of this year that I can fill a spot on this list with an installment that I personally think is a flawed example of the series simply because it nevertheless displays a key design that fans come to Mayberry seeking: a morality play with characters about whom they care — limited hahas be darned. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Other memorable episodes that merit mention include: four offerings centered around Bee, “Aunt Bee, The Juror,” which is funny until it devolves into its predictable Twelve Angry Men bit (also, Jack Nicholson guests), “Aunt Bee And The Lecturer,” which is laudable only for the comic climax, “Aunt Bee’s Cousin,” which I enjoy mostly for the inclusions of Jack Albertson and Ann Morgan Guilbert, and “The Mayberry Chef,” which has a ho-hum unoriginal plot but a notable teleplay by Jim Brooks (his first of two). It’s classic comedy, and in restoring one of the most fruitful elements of the series and using it for plot in a way that also honors the more ensemble-geared focus of the season, this installment is the best of both worlds — the old and the new. This pivot has been a long time coming — we’ve seen the ensemble rise in prominence after Don Knotts left and Griffith’s role gradually reduced — so Mayberry R.F.D. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Written by Aaron Ruben | Directed by Coby Ruskin. Good choice for MVE! Additionally, as far as the family shows go, this one is pretty premise-driven and divorced of character. 10) Episode 245: “The Wedding” (Aired: 03/04/68). There’s a dancing bit that’s supposed to be hip and modern, but the whole thing is silly, intentionally, and I appreciate the juxtaposition of Howard’s simplicity with his performed sophistication. To wit, Four is the first year where nothing is truly new; the only debuting recurring player is Goober, and he’s just an inferior replacement for Gomer, one of the funniest and best story-providing Mayberrians, who’s the brightest spot of the season (his best) and will prove a major loss upon his departure. Although neither as amusing nor as revealing as last year’s seminal Goober showcase, “Goober Makes History,” this entry again treats him as more than a single-dimensional joke, which is how he’s usually depicted on the series. This half-hour special counts down the show's Top Ten episodes and features interviews with its stars - Andy Griffith and Don Knotts - and other Hollywood notables including Brad Garrett, Michael McKean, Lewis Black, Danny Bonaduce, Max Baer, Jr., Tim Conway and several others - who lend their insight into some of their favorite Andy Griffith episodes. Now, I think this is led too much by its plot, but because the turnaround is predicated on a foundation of character — Howard’s surprising ability — it’s recommendable. The 25th Anniversary Guide to the Best of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (Season Five), The Eleven Best THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES Episodes of Seasons Eight & Nine, The Ten Best THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES Episodes of Season Seven, The Best of Benny: 1950-51 (LUCKY STRIKE Season Seven), The Ten Best THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES Episodes of Season Six, This is a list of episodes from the CBS television comedy The Andy Griffith Show.The first episode aired on October 3, 1960 and the final episode aired on April 1, 1968. In fact, I think Andy’s mercurial portrayal is completely unmotivated and presages the harsher take we’ll come to see of his depiction in Season Five. The selections range from "Manhunt," an episode in which viewers learn that Barney and Andy are cousins to "Mr. McBeevee," in which Andy believes Opie has made up a fictitious friend.


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