avengers fanfiction peter falls asleep on tony
Peter winced at the sound of May's voice before speaking "I'm not that hungry May but I'll take an apple with me and eat it on the way ok?" "Thanks Pete it means a lot that you came here" tony said pulling peter into a quick hug. As Ben grew worse, and their fridge grew empty, as Peter’s face became more bruised, and his powers grew, Peter realized, you can’t depend on superheroes. the nurse called over. Tony felt his phone vibrate he glanced and saw a similar photo id and answered immediately. She giggled and bounced making lunch an almost impossible task. Peter Parker thought his sophomore year at Midtown High couldn't get worse after the Homecoming incident. How is it going with Mo? "Hey kiddo, I'm coming do I need to bring anything to help?" OR.... the one where Tony calls Bucky a murder muffin and Steve is so on board with that. All Rhodey wanted was some NyQuil and a nap. Worth a shot peter thought as he pulled a hand through Tony's hair. 5 Times Peter Fell, and Tony caught him. "And you work for me." ◇《There is some swearing in this, so if you don't like it, don't read it.》◇. Please feel free to comment if you enjoyed it and want this to be continued! And the Avengers are no where to be found. "Friday keep an eye on her" tony said tiredly, "I have her in my sights boss" Friday responded, Peter turned to tony "you seemed like you need a break". Tony is a bit possessive of the boy who saved him. magic, super powered people, an awkward romance and a family reunion. Did you get enough sleep last night? Peter isn’t a normal 16 year old teenager. On the day before pepper was coming back her conference, tony was in the kitchen making Morgan lunch while drinking his 5th coffee of the day. Read Falling Asleep On Them from the story AVENGERS [PREFERENCES/ONE SHOTS] by RAVNCLAWW (bri) with 13,947 reads. Rated Teen for *Cap’s voice* language! At this point, Tony's main concern is just staying alive.Preferably long enough so he can attempt to seduce the head of the Carter crime family, and his second-in-command. Together they are sent out on a month-long assignment for undercover in a small town HYDRA base. They call her foul names. Tony travels on his yacht, falls asleep and the yacht drifts near the island, where Peter lives. Tony … Peter's eyes drifted from his phone from the TV to Morgan over the next five minutes; when he felt a bit of weight on his arm. After his swan dive into the ocean, Steve finds himself trapped in ice. Now the world is in despair. Tony smiled at peter and ran his hand through peter's curls. Peter nodded but he didn't know who else besides May was an emergency contact for his school. Peter is a merman, he grows tail in the water and has legs on the… They were too similar. "PETEY" Morgan screamed jumping off Tony's lap and ran and hugged peter. {This is a one-shot, and like all the one-shots here in this series, it can become a story of its own if it gets received well! Tony leaned into the touch and peter smiled. Yeah let's get him up to his room" Bruce says to Tony. One more Hydra facility down. “Yes, p’ease,” the pup mumbled, rubbing at his eye tiredly. Just… *weird* weird. eva7673. "Hey Mr. Stark What made you come with Happy to get me?" He takes up teaching, but what happens when suddenly there is a new kid in his class that Steve has not been able to get his mind off of? tony asked. In fact, Peter isn’t even close to normal.As the child of the Winter Soldier and one of the deadliest Black Widows to ever have existed, Peter has a lot to live up to in the dark, dark world of secrets, lies, and assassins.One day, something changes Peter’s life forever.The Avengers rescue him from HYDRA’s evil clutches on a mission. Happy reading!}. "Unce Rhode?" Follow/Fav The One Where Tony Sleeps. (Honestly it’s the Avengers, what did you expect?). Steve is willing to sacrifice himself to save his country. Peter grinned at all the memories of himself falling asleep on tony over the years was about time tony repaid the favor. "That's beautiful Mo your mom will love it" peter whispered to her, "Daddy was really tired wasn't he?" The Rogue Avengers, now pardoned, return to Stark Tower. Inspired by @SalamanderInk story Amongst a Sea of Stars. Peter grinned at all the memories of himself falling asleep on tony over the years was about time tony repaid the favor. The nurse walked over to the phone and tried calling May but of course she didn't answer. Tony has to find some way to explain who Peter is, without revealing his identity. 5 times Peter Parker goes to sleep at the worst (or best) times and scares someone else + the one time he cant go to bed. {This is a one-shot, and like all the one-shots here in this series, it can become a story of its own if it gets received well! In civil war, relations end up a bit better, and also the fight happened without spidey, I haven't watched too many movies, so if i got any of their personalities wrong, sorry, rated teen for swearing and language. Tony Stark & Avengers Team (13) Peter Parker & Tony Stark (12) Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (11) Exclude Additional Tags Adorable Tony Stark (168) Fluff (96) Tony Stark Has A Heart (57) Tony Stark Needs a Hug (47) Kid Tony Stark (25) Protective Steve Rogers (24) Hurt/Comfort (22) Tooth-Rotting Fluff (22) Hurt Tony Stark (21) Fluff and Angst (18) "Haha funny Ned I'll see you tomorrow" peter said walking over to the car. About 15 minutes later tony noticed a weight on his chest he looked down and saw peter curled onto his chest; he must have tossed in his sleep. "I'll always be there to help tony and of course I missed you guys college is great doesn't mean I don't miss you guys" peter said shrugging, "I'm always free to talk you know that Pete" tony said tiredly, "I know tony thanks for that but now it's time to listen to me and take a nap you look awful." Peter remembered tony always played with his curls while helping him sleep. "Here Pete these should help" tony said handing peter some sunglasses and headphones. But what can you do?There's no hope for earth anymore.Even with those few who dare to protect us, We're screwed. Tony has always had a problem with Loki’s boyfriends. And I want you to come with me.”. "Peter, he wants to talk to you he's on his way don't worry" Anna said walking back to her desk. Tony turned his TV on a low volume. He was also certain that his tailed form was hindering his understanding, because he was pretty sure that he had understood more than this when he beached himself to watch the humans before. And the 1 Time Tony didn’t. He smacked his mouth open and closed. Flash Thompson is Tony Stark's intern. That was a week ago. Tony smirked peter started lightly snoring not even 5 minutes later. How will Peter be able to cope? tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". He speaks with far more of a vocabulary than any 6 year old should have. Summary: Peter has a nasty habit of falling. Not even 5 minutes later Tony Stark walked in the nurse's office. Morgan walked over to peter and show him her drawling. He was dizzier than usual, too, feeling like the bed under him was wafting back and forth at pace with his pounding heartbeat. And not “cute” weird, like some of the other kids he knew in school. Tony lightly shook peter's shoulder, "Pete wake up were here" tony said lightly, "How's the head? Still think you need pain meds?" Peter remembered tony always played with his curls while helping him sleep. It's a Hydra team. Oh, and, he forgot to cancel lab time with Peter. Please consider turning it on! Peter went to grab his jacket before may got his attention.


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