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Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 20 aug 2020 om 22:05. They spent a significant amount of time training in the spacecraft simulators. “The Bugs,” selected in 2000, were nicknamed in reference to the Y2K computer bug that some people worried would wreak havoc as the world entered the new millennium. The group included Mae Jemison, the first Black woman to fly to space, and Bruce Melnick, the first Coast Guard aviator in space. He was deployed to the Mediterranean on the aircraft carrier USS Randolph, which returned to the United States in June 1955. [20], Contrary to Slayton's typical crew rotation, David Scott took See's place as the pilot of Gemini 8. [28], See was a capsule communicator (CAPCOM) at MSC in Houston during the Gemini 7/Gemini 6A rendezvous mission in December 1965. Garrett Reisman was the first Jewish crew member of the ISS; Marcos Pontes was the first Brazilian in space; Sunita Williams ran the first marathon in space; Robert Thirsk was the first to receive a degree in space (an honorary doctorate from the University of Calgary); and Gregory Chamitoff filmed the first magic show in space. James A. McDivitt (1929-) flew on Gemini 4 and Apollo 9. [33] The prime crew flew in one jet and the backup crew in another. Group member and Navy SEAL William Shepherd bestowed that nickname on this astronaut class during survival training, a nod to the term used for military trainees in boot camp. Life photographer Ralph Morse asked Armstrong why See was no longer assigned with him on the Gemini 8 mission, and Armstrong replied, "Elliot's too good a pilot not to have a command of his own. John Young (1930-) flew on Gemini 3, Gemini 10, Apollo 10, Apollo 16, STS-1 and STS-9 and is the only astronaut to fly Gemini, Apollo, and Shuttle missions. This astronaut class took a black cat as their mascot, playing off the unlucky connotations of the number 13, which led to their nickname. Stafford and Cernan–the original backup crew–were launched three months later, on June 3, as Gemini 9A. "[31] In October 1965 See was promoted to command pilot (first seat) of Gemini 9, with Charles Bassett as his pilot. Front row, L-R: Robert L. Behnken, Nicole M. P. Stott, Kevin A. Ford, Eric A. Boe and Timothy L. Kopra. Provenance: Given to John Petersen, Chief Publicist for NASA manned space missions. After undergoing preliminary evaluations, medical tests, and interviews during the selection process,[18] See was selected to be in NASA's second group of astronauts, known as the New Nine. Front row, L-R: Anne C. McClain, Tyler N. Hague and Nicole Aunapu Mann. He was initially stationed at Miramar Naval Air Station near San Diego, California. They flew back and forth to Kennedy Space Center, from which their spacecraft would be launched; to North Carolina to develop experiments to be conducted during the flight; and to McDonnell Aircraft in St. Louis, where the Gemini spacecraft was made. Front row, L-R: Jeffrey S. Ashby, Dafydd R. Williams, James F. Reilly II, Altman, Rick D. Husband and Michael J. Bloomfield. The surviving 10 all flew on Apollo missions, and four of them walked on the moon, including Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin—the first NASA astronaut with a doctorate degree, which he earned in astronautics in 1963. [37] At the time, See was known as one of the better pilots in the astronaut corps. Listen On Apple Music . Twenty-four, Scott Carpenter Collection, Six Signed Pieces Including NASA Mercury Seven Color Portrait and Three Mercury Commemorative, NASA Astronauts Group 4 "The Scientists" Signed Color Litho of Five, Garriot, Gibson, Michel, Schmitt and Kerwin, 7, Collection of Skylab Astronauts, 7 Signed Pieces Including Moonwalker Charles Conrad. [32] The Gemini 9 mission was similar to the previous mission. Elliot See (1927-1966) was a test pilot astronaut who died in crash of his T-38 trainer into the McDonnell Aircraft plant.
By Jason Treat, Jay Bennett, and Christopher Turner. After accepting more pilots, NASA took on a second group of scientists.

Joseph M. Acaba, who flew on a mission to deliver the final solar arrays to the ISS, was the first person of Puerto Rican heritage to be selected as a NASA astronaut. Front row, L-R: Jeremy Hansen, Scott D. Tingle, Michael S. Hopkins, Gregory R. (Reid) Wiseman and Mark T. Vande Hei. This group augmented the “Original 7” Mercury astronauts for the upcoming Gemini and Apollo missions, to deliver on President John F. Kennedy’s pledge of landing a man on the Moon before the end of the 1960s.

Over time, the U.S. space agency’s criteria changed, and selection teams began seeking out more diverse candidates with a variety of educational and scientific backgrounds. All rights reserved. The knowledge they gathered could then be shared with the others, and the astronaut-expert was expected to provide astronaut input to the spacecraft designers and engineers. Apollo Astronauts: Signed NASA Photos of Buzz Aldrin. Army astronaut returns from historic nine-month space voyage. Second to front row, L-R: Pedro Duque, Soichi Noguchi, Mamoru Mohri, Gerhard Thiele, Mark Polansky, Sandra Magnus, Paul Richards, Yvonne Cagle, James Kelly, Patrick Forrester and David Brown. Vanguard Festival Set . Front row, L-R: Walter M. Schirra Jr., Donald K. Slayton, John H. Glenn Jr., M. Scott Carpenter. See received an appointment to the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 1945.

He was killed along with Charles Bassett, his Gemini 9 crewmate, in a NASA jet crash at the St. Louis McDonnell Aircraft plant, where they were to undergo two weeks of space rendezvous simulator training. "And believe me, it's only going to get better as we charge off into the future.". National Aeronautics and Space Administration Wiki, Astronaut Groups One and Two from Great Images in NASA, De groep bestond uit: Astronaut Aantal vluchten Missies Everything like it’s the last time. He enrolled at the University of Texas, and after a few months pledged to Phi Kappa Psi. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, List of spaceflight-related accidents and incidents, "New Astronauts, 9 Hottest Jet Pilots in the U.S., Have Been Training a Year", "Here are the Next Nine Astronauts Who Will Join in U.S. Race to the Moon", "Remembering NASA Astronauts Elliot See and Charles Bassett", "A Perfectly Paired Gemini Team Falls to Earth", "Astronauts See, Bassett Paid Arlington Tributes", "Accident Board Reports Findings in See–Bassett Crash", "The Fire and Fate Have Left Eight Widows", "There Is a Sculpture on the Moon Commemorating Fallen Astronauts", "The Astronauts Memorial Foundation Space Mirror Memorial", "Highland Park High School Distinguished Alumni List", NASA Astronaut Group 2, "The New Nine, The Next Nine, The Nifty Nine", 1962, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 19,, Aviators killed in aviation accidents or incidents in the United States, United States Merchant Marine Academy alumni, Victims of aviation accidents or incidents in 1966, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 20:21. In addition, Group 2 became the first group with civilian test pilots in the group; See flew for General Electric, while Armstrong flew the X-15 research plane for NASA. [42], See was survived by his wife Marilyn and three children. Front row, L-R: Mario Runco Jr., Donald R. McMonagle, Kenneth S. Reightler Jr., Thomas D. Akers and William F. Readdy. Front row, L-R: Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., William A. Anders, Charles A. Bassett II, Alan L. Bean, Eugene A. Cernan and Roger B. Chaffee. The remaining 11 served on early space shuttle flights as mission specialists, a new type of astronaut tasked to oversee science, medical, or engineering experiments. Back row, L-R: James S. Voss, Kevin P. Chilton, Curtis L. Brown Jr., Andrew M. Allen, Colin M. Fole,. [6] There he met Marilyn Jane Denahy from Georgetown, Ohio, who worked at General Electric as a secretary. Robert Crippen served as the pilot on the inaugural space shuttle flight, STS-1.
[21][22] See was tasked with determining if the crewed lunar landing should occur in direct sunlight or using light reflected from the Earth. De New Nine was de bijnaam van NASA's tweede astronautengroep. [11] See primarily focused on line maintenance, but also became proficient at carrier landings. Two of this group had been candidates for the original 7, but were not selected then for medical reasons.


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