army flying club

But short and long flights have been and are always flown with the same sentiment of friendship, be it two pilots in the C152 for a circuit at sunset, or as group in many airplanes for a long flight to Ukraine, Turkey or Spain, all treasured experiences. The Fort Rucker Flying Club airplanes even had the flying club roundel on the nose. addresses.

He started his career working with his father, Leighton Collins, at the original Air Facts magazine. Richard… Every one that dies cuts off a bit of the flow of airmen that they produce.

Only the name changed. is refunded after 36 paid hours flown Three gentlemen started BPS Aviation based out of Delta Beechcraft at MEM in 1971 with two Cessna 150’s and a Mooney Master.

Join Date: Apr 2005. Any info would be very much appreciated. BPS Aviation moved up to Dewitt Spain Downtown Airport right after it opened, and I believe they were the first flight training organization to operate out of there. Later in my tenure, the Army started bestowing surplus airplanes on our club.

For more information about protecting your privacy and personal information, click here. ), looking for a mil aero/flying club vicinity Austin TX. Weather was checked standing on the barrels and looking at the horizon. After a year on the US Army’s all expenses paid jungle vacation tour, I picked up my commercial and instrument ratings at Ft Lewis Army Flying Club and Spanaway Airport. I remember Skylark Airport. By logging into your account, you agree to our, Location: Temporarily missing from the Joe Louis Arena. I knew the flying club had achieved full citizenship on the base when Captain Kauffman of T-37 fame stopped by my office one afternoon and said that I could go for a T-37 flight if I would come to their area at eight the next morning. Sunday lunches have always been rich with children laughter while they chalk drawings on the hangar floor, many of them now adults. It was originally intended for bomber use, however with the Battle of Britain being fought, No.

I’m sure there were others. I got to make all that up. Account Basket (0) Lockdown Lectures Introduction to Lockdown Lectures ; Operation AGILA - 656 Sqn Lecture trailer; Operation AGILA - 656 … I always had a plane available when I needed it. Based at Middle Wallop, the home of The Army Air Corps, the AFA operates 7 days a week. That is another way of saying I got drafted. Initiation fee for new Club CFIs is waived. Directory

For example, our little airplanes were tied down in the same area as the L-19s, and when the gas trucks would make the rounds, everyone would look the other way as they topped off the big 12-gallon tanks in our airplanes.

Time has gone by, membership has gone up and down, the fleet has increased and decreased, good moments and difficult ones have been seen through. third-party websites and applications, click here.

Copyright © 2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. 238 Squadron RAF flying the Hurricane Mk1 were moved to Middle Wallop as part of 10 group RAF Fighter Command. Redstone Arsenal Flying Activity is northern Alabama’s premier Flying Club where those individuals lucky enough to be in the authorized patron category can learn to fly or take their already hard-earned rating to a higher level. The following year No. Fast forward to today.

Are mil flights allowed above Mach 1 overland? If you see something that looks weird, please accept our apologies and report it here so we can take care of it, Information, Tickets & Reservations Office.

Any info would be very much appreciated. The club discounted my flying lessons, members often paid for my lunches so I had extra cash for flying. Private Collins’ private air force sounds like it was a great assignment. Join thousands of other pilots - sign up for our informative email newsletter. I still stay in touch with Doug. The charge for flying our airplanes was less than half the hourly rate charged by civilian flight schools. We just needed to let you know. US Family and MWR on this site

Thus was born the Fort Rucker Flying Club, to which I was assigned, on special duty, which relieved me of all unit duties like guard and KP. As I was a private pilot for 50 yrs., I would try and explain to my younger relatives, even through it probably…, Yeah. When the real pilots saw that the club pilots would fit in, things got better.

I have forgotten his exact title but he ran Fort Rucker (Alabama), home of the Army Aviation School. We had to license them as civilian airplanes and while the red tape was considerable, Dothan Aviation managed that, did the work, and painted the airplanes complete with a flying club roundel. Membership also includes the MWR Membership Services Discount Card benefits, Private Aircraft Tie Down Fee - $35 per month, *Rates include fuel provided by the RAFA. I know it is based at Middle Wallop but I can't seem to find any other information as there is nothing on the website and my unit are not very forthcoming. Phone Wallop and ask for Chas Roach (Civilian)who is the Club Sec Tower ops is on 01264 724380 (94329 4380) and they should help.

Redstone Arsenal's Flying Activity offers safe, low-cost flying lessons, professional Certified Flight Instructors, pilot-related equipment, and services to our patrons. (And back then, it didn’t have a local flying club, because there was a “civilian airport” about three miles away, that had a couple of clubs, rental planes, and a restaurant, as well as inexpensive fuel at the FBO.

General Cairns was lost in a helicopter accident and Ozark AAF became Cairns AAF. There had to be an organization and that consisted of a president, Lieutenant Colonel Tom Sabiston, and things like a treasurer and a recording secretary.


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