arab spring social media

Overview Social media sometimes enhances confirmation bias by creating feeds of like-minded thinkers. The official charges include “assaulting a policeman and stealing his walkie talkie”, but for his supporters, who have been rallying around the hashtag #FreeAlaa, it is more simple: he was arrested for his dissent. The shared nature of these devices increases the possible number of people with access. In addition to keeping up with the online presence of larger news organizations, Arab-American media are forced to compete with user-generated content that is rapidly available to audiences.

By forming a collective protest narrative, different groups shared their experiences and organized joint protests.
Thus local civil society groups can expand their protest repertoire and make a leap in their ability to organize, motivate, and employ resources. “Arab Spring” is the name with which a series of manifestations of popular character had been immediately identified, these manifestations led to the fall of dictatorships of Ben Ali in Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Let's remember that as we work to #FreeAlaa. Kilcullen pointed out that, for a given territory, the conventional state-sponsored strategy is to focus operations against the adversary’s government and military – leaders, facilities, infrastructure, etc.

His CIA memoir CLASS 11 was published by Penguin Putnam and remains # 2 on the CIA’s list of recommended reading for new employees. Replacing a government requires either large numbers or armed groups, and the internet pro-democracy movements did not have the numbers to maintain relevance once the regime was overthrown. If we consider the conflict in Afghanistan as an example these are notable points of consideration.

Bennett, Shea.

Social movement theory provides the lenses needed to assess how social media affected the Arab Spring. and Conflict After the Arab Spring."

We often hear of what social media accomplished or played a part in, as if the media have some impact beyond the actions of those who use them.

They were driven by local issues and local narratives.

Fourth, governmental repression of social media increases the cost of collective action while at the same time providing a possible additional grievance.

The formation of a cohesive civil resistance, the “frame” explaining and justifying collective activity, provided a crucial unifying element in holding groups together in a shared commitment. ", "Egyptians Embrace Revolt Leaders, Religious Parties and Military As Well; U.S. Wins No Friends, End of Treaty With Israel Sought.

The continued spread of devices with internet access accentuates the importance of understanding the effects of this medium. Many social scientists have started using the terms “clicktivists” or “slacktivism” to denote the tendency for people to participate in a social issue for a short period, but fail to engage or fully commit to a long-term sacrificial struggle. Secondly, perhaps the military and government in general should reconsider its social media position. International activist groups have increased the effectiveness of less proficient protest movements by propagating knowledge and practical skills.

Many more of those charged have been sentenced to three years or more in jail. Isolationism, a difficult strategy in even the best of times, is guaranteed to fail in an increasingly interconnected global world. 1615 L St. NW, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20036 USA

Egyptian gov't can't diminish #Jan25 revolution: #I_participated_in_January_Revolution أنا_شاركت_في_ثورة_يناير#. Manneh, Suzanne. As in the previous explanation of social framing, information released on social media shaped the narrative by using a commonly understood picture that harkened to a shared ethos among the differing organizations. This take on things looking to be substantiated by the fact that certain populations moved immediately to place the Islamists in power (for example, members of the Muslim Brotherhood), whose long-running principles/platform includes (1) the installation of Shariah Law and (2) working to unify Islamic countries and liberating them from foreign imperialism? Even today, though we know some movements may be underway, they may not fully reveal themselves until the proponents are ready to act and that activity may be in a single action that achieves the desired end-state well before a reaction can take place. This flow of information enabled even groups with long-standing disputes with each other to set aside their differences and coalesce behind a common platform. Almost a year after Tunisia had erupted in mass demonstrations, the central Cairo protests triggered further waves of change across the Middle East and North Africa, in what became known as the Arab Spring. "Syrian Citizen Journalists Risk All to Bring Stories from the Frontlines." The free flow of information found in social media comes at a price. Analysts saw protests through a framework of physical collective action to achieve a goal, but they neglected to consider the potential impact of the cyber realm on the process of social mobilization.

A successful social movement must call for action in a way that reaches people on an emotional level. Irregular warfare with China, Russia: Ready or not, it's coming — if not already here, Counterinsurgency in the Philippines: An Inside Look at Partner Warfare, People's Liberation Army Operational Concepts, A NATO Urban Delaying Strategy for the Baltic States, A Roundtable Discussion with Three Leading Experts on Urban Warfare. Tunisia had a long history of activism against Ben Ali, where an active civil society in conjunction with a motivated and educated middle class helped lead to a popular uprising. This is why newspapers now have their own mobile apps, like the New York Times, and it is very important to be up to date with the current news.

In today’s connected world, internet access through mobile devices has enabled ordinary citizens far greater access to information than any other period in history. Kilcullen notes Irregular Warfare focuses on the government and the population, isolating the military. In this way, we acknowledge and work within the framework of certain information conduits rather than the basic provision of information itself. This external influence on local protests through social media often becomes a contributing factor to the longevity of the movement because these outside parties have no incentive to negotiate with the existing government.

Arab Spring protest leaders went against the traditional demographics of previous uprisings, and this new leadership mixture helped gather people of differing backgrounds. Instead, the platforms provided opportunities for organisation and protest that traditional methods couldn’t.

Ultimately, Tunisia and Egypt demonstrated that global social media allows local and international organizations to coordinate effort on a single focus and construct dynamic and flexible networks.


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