alpharetta to buckhead commute

Answer 1 of 9: Hi! Also we are driving to Alpharetta on Monday morning to determine how bad is the commute from downtown Atlanta :) just to get a better idea :). The area is being built over with Mcmansions but the current real estate debacle has slowed that and there are a number of older houses here- especially in the vicinity of Chastain Park which straddles Buckhead and Sandy Springs.

You would probably have about an 1 hour and 15 or so commute if you move to Candler/5Points/EAV. We are kind of having trouble finding a house we want within a reasonable distance that doesn't need a lot of work and isn't in a terrible school district. I have a son moving to Atlanta to the Buckhead area. Think McKinney. I live in cabbagetown which is just barely north of I20 and work in Sandy Springs ( get off and on at the Northridge exit). Explore all the ways you can avoid traffic, gain peace of mind and get rewarded. We’ve compiled some tips and resources to help employers and commuters stay healthy as many return to the workplace. Kathy - That's gonna get tough regardless if it is a so called reverse commute. It has historic main street (also trying to figure itself out as stores keep turning over), good access to 85/285/78 and backroads and has a lower tax rate (Dekalb County). Any input is appreciated :) Sometimes it takes up to an hour and a half of 2 hours one way during rush hour. I don't know much about Dallas, but I really can't think of a single place mentioned that wouldn't be. Despite being in the 200-499 staff size group, Cooper Carry is currently one of the highest scoring workplace teams, with points rivaling those earned by the 2000+ staff size group. Highlights - The average commute for residents of Alpharetta is 1.8% longer than it is for residents of Buckhead. Another person told us it's not very safe now and that it's trying to catch the Brookhaven/Chamblee "wave." Depends on what part of Alpharetta you are going to work in, but Alpharetta is about 25 miles from Midtown. My wife and I really like the looks of Alpharetta but Ive heard horror stories about traffic on 400. Hah Sheila--I used to live in Dallas, and the Richardson-/-Alpharetta comparison to Deep Ellum-/-Midtown is perfect! Rather, I choose to enjoy my walk or sit in the train (stress free) instead of sitting in traffic. Maybe it's gotten that much worse. For reference, it takes me about 15 minutes to get to 400. Depends on what part of Alpharetta you are going to work in, but Alpharetta is about 25 miles from Midtown. We enjoy an active neighborhood not too far from the city, but with it's own character, historic charm, lively scene, parks, restaurants, shops, etc, a place to walk around. Sandy Springs certainly leans more towards families (my empty-nester conservative parents live at Chastain Park, if that's any indication), so I think it'd be lowest on the gay-friendly list, but that's just in terms of the number of other gays in the area and gay bars and the like. Over an hour commute going Alpharetta to Midtown in the morning, about half that going the other way. we love to go out to lounges, bars, live music places, restaurants, parks, play outdoors  with our dog. My husband and I just want a town that's safe and family friendly and growing (we are hoping if it's growing the schools will get better and better). But definitely living in a place closer to what we like is more important. Hope you have fun anyway. I suggest you spend a day in any place you are seriously considering, as you will know the ones you don't like nearly instantly. I can deal with a 30-40min commute but more than 45 min and I can see my quality of life suffering. Questions included commute times for residents in dozens of communities in Georgia. Traffic going both ways is tough in rush hour. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A friendly place for sharing info on Alpharetta, GA and the neighboring communities (John's Creek, Ocee, Milton, Roswell, Cumming, etc. There's too many variables based on time of day and location to say otherwise. Thanks Usually under an hour, and that's probably an extra 15 miles more than what you're talking about. The northern end, close to east lake Marta station. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Candler Park looks like a realy cool place to live and especially something we are looking for. Hey Oscar! We are not Atlanta natives, so we've asked a couple friends/co-workers about the area and have gotten mixed opinions. But really, I love my part of town so much that it was all worth it! How close is your office to the buckhead train station? Oscar and Arturo. I have done some research and found several places that sound similar of what we are looking for, not sure how these areas are: Virginia Highlands, Decatur, and East Point/Jefferson Park. I would appreciate if you can provide some suggestions of good neighborhoods to live based on some of our preferences.
In the American Community Survey, the census asked questions on more than 40 topics and compiled the results over the last five years. As a kid growing up on Long Island, Gene started biking young as a way to get around town. I settled on Sandy Springs because it is close to 400 and 285 and very close to Buckhead and Midtown. Read all about t…, @coopercarry is a #Biketober champion! Am i still gonna get screwed by traffic even with the staggered schedule? We only have one car, so the ideal location would be a place close to a Marta station or any other public transportation for my partner to be able to get to his work in midtown. Takes 40-45 minutes usually. Not as many cops on the 400 as there are on the Dallas tollway.
Midtown/Ansley Park is the most gay area, and you'll find most of the great gay bars there, but really Candler Park, East Atlanta, Decatur, etc. If you pick Midtown or the Highlands you might shorten that commute by 10 -15 minutes,just depending. How would you like the vibe of living there and doing the commute to NY? See how you can earn cash and prizes for logging your clean commute. I suggest that you live as close to GA400 as possible, or at least avoid a place that requires taking 285 as part of the route. I do a reverse commute up 400 to Alpharetta, and while there are a lot of cars on the road, you can still do 70-80 MPH most days. Join us for our webinar series to learn more about implementing a telework program. I just figured out last night that Tucker recently established itself as a city. Pleeeeease don't even consider living there. if you want character, proximity to everything worthwhile in Atlanta, a Marta Station, bike paths, parks etc and moderate affordabilty, it's very tough to beat Candler Park. I think to start we would like a place similar, friendly neighborhood, historic, bungalow homes, with nice dining and shopping options. I agree a lot w/ Sheila, although Alpharetta is more like McKinney than Richardson. Also, can someone please explain to me why people keep insisting to my husband and I that a commute from Tucker to Buckhead is better than a commute from Roswell/Alpharetta to Buckhead when they are basically the same amount of miles and both commutes are mostly highway? Then, around 40, he rediscovered his love for biking through mountain […], SURVEY SAYS? GET BIKING FOR YOUR BEST LIFE AFTER 50, Surprise! But it won't cut down on time. But again, it’s all relative to how close your home and office are to 400. One person told us that it is good and getting better - they are getting more appealing stores/retail in the area. People working in that office say the boss is cool with coming in around 10 or 1030am and leaving a bit later around 630 or 7. Decatur to Alpharetta would be an interesting commute (meaning not good). Alternatively, how much taxi would cost and which one to use? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By the time he was 20, he found adventure in motorcycles, which he loved for about twenty years.

Also, 400 after 285 is a breeze.

And for those of us who have […]. I would have lived in Candler Park except for that myself. My commute is about 20-25 minutes and I have a happy median of being pretty well located.I'm pretty happy here. Lauren and Sarah got it right on the money. Alternatively, how much taxi would cost and which one to use?

On the ride back.. it starts at 3 pm and doesn't let up until 6:30. ATLANTA, GA — As commuters and school busses get back on the road in most communities this week, here's another look at the best and worst average commute times in the Atlanta metro area, as compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau over five years. Traffic starts at 6:30 am and doesn't let up until 10 am. Shouldn't be an issue. I make this commute from 9:15 to be at work at 10. The buses doesn't utilize the shoulder, so they sit in traffic like everybody else. Good luck and I hope you find a great home here. Thanks! If there is a bad accident you're looking at an hour or more, but you'd get that anywhere in the metro area. Mmmmm, technically yes.

Fridays are faster in the AM but hit or miss coming home.

My wife and I just bought a house in Tucker (her parents have lived there for a while) and there are a lot of things to get into and the answers all end with "it depends."

Oscar,I say Midtown, in the middle and convenient to everything, including MARTA.I lived in Midtown for 3 years, moved away for a bit then moved back to Atlanta and chose Buckhead, I wish I would've gone back to Midtown.Good Luck!

I would definitely keep an eye on Inman Park/Little 5 Points, they also have a MARTA station, good luck!! Staying close to the Marta line, you could try our neighborhood, Kirkwood. Atlanta tops in typical commute distance Atlanta heads a list of 96 large metro areas in typical commute distance by mileage. Getting to work means a 12.8-mile commute on average for most of us. He will probably hit some surface traffic in Buckhead though, so it's best to live closer to 400. Many things could keep the chairman of the Fulton County Commission awake in the middle of the night. How far is it to Johns Creek area? The Traffic in the metro area is some of the worst in the county. Post Concert Transportation Alpharetta to Buckhead, Looking for Meeting Venue in Alpharetta/Buckhead area, Working couple - one in Alpharetta other in Buckhead, The following errors occurred with your submission. Also, can someone please explain to me why people keep insisting to my husband and I that a commute from Tucker to Buckhead is better than a commute from Roswell/Alpharetta to Buckhead when they are basically the same amount of miles and both commutes are mostly highway? Im actually already used to this kind of schedule in my current office. Hello Yelp community, I currently live in Dallas, Texas, and will be relocating to Atlanta with my partner. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Yes, at least it's surrounded by towns that have a lot going on so there are more places to eat, drink, shop, etc. Gretchen, thank you for the information regarding the commute, it really sounds kind of a nightmare getting back from Alpharetta to town, but that will help us think twice about the location. Hi Stacy, thank you for your comment, I will look into Sandy Springs or Dunwoody areas :), Lauren, Thank you !!! Buckhead is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Atlanta which lends itself to the obvious pros and cons.


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