all of the above none of the above
I don't know the correct answer to the question. I argue above that 6 cannot be true. Let $a,b,c,d,e,f$ represent the six sentences, respectively. Hence (2) is also eventually Terminating but Invalid. You are right that 5 does not deny 6, but neither does it affirm 6, so this does not rule out 5. (a) $1=1$ (b) $1 \ne 1$" That is, all the responses (including mine) implicitly assume the question is "which of the following is true" but there are clearly questions for which that is not the answer. A. Esatti: 469. RESOLVE 'above' in (3): "What is the answer to 'What is the answer to above?' noun What I.Q. I'm assuming we want exactly one of the statements to be true. The parties over the threshold get their seats according to the D'Hondt method. This in turn has led to increased support for and awareness of NOTA UK's campaign and its founder, recording artist and music producer Jamie Stanley (aka: Mailman), being asked to give a number of media interviews. [1] Bangladesh introduced this option ("না ভোট" , "No Vote") in 2008. 52 4/5 B. Definition of all of the above in the Idioms Dictionary. = & 2 \wedge \bot \wedge \dots \wedge \bot \\ I thought choosing $2$ would not deny $1$ (and it can't be all of the below and none of the below) hence I thought the answer is $6.$. Similarly, a student can detect ‘All the above’ as a wrong answer if. One of the above. [30][31][32], The Indonesian Law 10 of 2016 regulates local elections, and includes provisions for elections in which there is only one candidate. However, 4 does not really answer this question. @LoMaPh Yes: $$\tag{4} d \leftrightarrow (a \leftrightarrow b \leftrightarrow c) \land \lnot (a \land b \land c)$$ Parentheses left out because $\;\leftrightarrow\;$ is associative. There is exactly one such subset. true, which we know to be impossible. 0. ?". So 4 is False, See all questions asked by the same visitor. $3$ and $4$ are then false because everything above them is false. @RCT I'd like to learn to explain things the way you do. Of course it is syntactically valid, but not semantically. above’ must be the answer. That is all clear and we are in agreement. The semantics of the question need to be considered when evaluating its validity. None Of The Above Zero was a candidate at the 2010 general election in Filton and Bradley Stoke. In computer science lingo, it's a Recursion Without Termination, since the base case is not defined. To see this, let’s present the same question with a different answer set. Since 6 is outside the previous set, it becomes the "best answer". out. (1) 'what color is the sky?' Another tall stranger, #6 shows up and says all black cats suck, and so does tall stranger #5 because he is trying to generate problems with me by contradiction. question? \end{align*}, \begin{align*} … ", 2.1. Thankfully, this does not count towards your grade! Why can't modern fighter aircraft shoot down second world war bombers? The party was registered as 'NOTA' and not 'None of the Above' as the latter is a prohibited expression regarding registration as a party name. 3 can't be true because we know 1 is out. This, and RCT point leave us with #2 and #5 again. A question with an unresolved pronoun does not make sense/cannot be answered, as I explain in simple language in. The party raised funds partially through "AboveBeyond" music nights.[54]. ... Also, none of the above. Kari decided to take us to the library to find a magazine. [3] Beginning with the 2016 presidential election, Bulgaria introduced a 'none of the above' option, which received 5.59% of the vote in the first round and 4.47% in the run-off. I think an interesting argumentation - while irrelevant after the preceeding answers - is that the answer has to be a not-self-excluding answer (i.e: not #1, #3, #4). In simple terms, Adiphene will perform all of the above by speeding up your metabolism, improving your digestive system and also reduce your appetite. They feel this will allow the UK electorate to exercise their democratic right to vote to say that none of the parties currently represents them, which will encourage their democratic responsibility to turn out to vote. What does it mean to co-sign a letter of recommendation? empty word (If 2 is true then 4 is true by the content of 4, but it has been shown that 4 is false.). His position betrays the lie. In such a case, a variety of formal procedures may be invoked, including having the office remain vacant[citation needed], having the office filled by appointment, re-opening nominations[citation needed] or holding another election[citation needed] (in a body operating under parliamentary procedure), or it may have no effect, as in India and the US state of Nevada, where the next highest total wins regardless. If the math prof. posed this question to a linguist, he would get laughed at, and not get his point across. In 1998 in California, citizen proponents of Proposition 23, titled the "None of the Above Act", qualified a new State ballot initiative through circulated petitions submitted to the Secretary of State,[14] but the measure was defeated in the March 2000 general election 64% to 36%. So choice 5 is the solution. What does all of the above expression mean? If 6 is true, then 5 is false, which implies that at least one of 1-4 is correct, which is a contradiction. First suppose there is only one correct answer, as perhaps implied by the question. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Once we see that 1-4 do not really answer this question, the new temptation is to choose answer 5. And that is perfectly correct. &2 \\ It's like this - "how many words does this question have?" = &\neg (3 \vee 4 \vee 5 \vee 6) \\ However, if you assume 5 is the only true statement, everything else seems to be false. What does 'above' refer to ? none of the above, Identify the italicized word according to its class in structural linguistics. In 2010, Stephen Phillips of Stevenage ran for the UK general election on behalf of No Candidate Deserves My Vote. \end{align*}, $1 = (2 \wedge 3 \wedge \dots \wedge 6) = 2 \wedge \bot \wedge \dots \wedge 6) = \bot$, $2 = \neg 3 \wedge 4 \wedge \dots \wedge 6 = \top \wedge 4 \wedge \dots \wedge 6 = 4 \wedge \dots \wedge 6$, $4 = 1 \vee 2 \vee 3 = \bot \vee 2 \vee \bot = 2$, $5 = \neg 1 \wedge \neg 2 \wedge \neg 3 \wedge \neg 4 = \top \wedge \neg 2 \wedge \top \wedge \neg 4 = \neg 2 \wedge \neg 4 = \neg 2 \wedge \neg 2 = \neg 2 $, $6 = \neg 1 \wedge \neg 2 \wedge \neg 3 \wedge \neg 4 \wedge \neg 5 = \top \wedge \neg 2 \wedge \top \wedge \neg 2 \wedge 2 = \bot$, $2 = \neg 4 \wedge \neg 5 \wedge \neg 6 = \neg 2 \wedge \neg \neg 2 \wedge \top = \neg 2 \wedge 2 = \bot $. Idiom: None of the above Meaning. therefore self-contradictory. This site uses cookies. Explain what this stage direction reveals about the characters, conflict, and theme of the play. What is an All-Pass Filter? Since 2015, in part thanks to NOTA UK's lobbying, it has been a Green Party of England and Wales policy to get a form of NOTA (RON - Re-Open Nominations) on UK ballot papers. Its programme is to leave empty the corresponding assigned seats by not taking full possession of their duties as congressperson, senator, etc. c. if 2 is true, 4 is false, but 4 in fact supports 2 being true, The only satisfying truth assignment is the one which sets $a,b,c,d,f$ to false and set $e$ true. So $2$ must be false. In Argentina casting an envelope without a ballot in a ballot box counts as a blank vote. Ballot option to vote against all available candidates, None of the Above candidates and parties in other countries, Procedures that function like "none of the above", Proportional and semi-proportional systems, Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised (RONR), "Russians Divided Over Electoral Reforms: Angus Reid Global Monitor", "Bangladesh amends election law incorporating 'no' vote option", "Escons en Blanc dejará tres concejalías vacías en Catalunya", "Escons en Blanc aconsegueix que tres cadires quedin buides als consistoris catalans", "EC suggests 'none of the above' option on the ballot", "India voters get right to reject election candidates", "SC's landmark judgement: Voters get right to reject", "Will implement voters' right to reject candidates straight away: Election Commission", "Voters have right to reject, poll panel must give them option, says Supreme Court", "Clarification on 'None of the above - counting of votes - reg", "Election Commission of India : Supreme Court's judgement for "None of the Above" option on EVM – clarification", "Election Commission of India : Provision for "None of the above" option on the EVM/Ballot Paper- Instructions", "Election results: NOTA garners 1.1% of country's total vote share - Times of India", "Now, 'NOTA' has an electoral symbol too", "Cross mark is now NOTA symbol - Times of India", "Five things you may not know about Indonesia's Regional Elections", "Pilkada 2018: Apa yang Terjadi Jika Paslon Tunggal Kalah Melawan Kotak Kosong? If someone wants us to answer "what is the answer to this question" - it is his responsibility to explain what "this" means. f. if 6 is true, 5 must be false, meaning at least one of 1,2,3,4 are Share what’s outside your window and all around you. It's a case of infinite recursion since OP did not define a base case, or rather the base-case itself does not terminate, as I explain in my. Expert answered|paral|Points 2843| User: Structural grammar became popular fifty years before transformational grammar. I consider number 5 to be simply a "liar" and move forward. There are normally seven options: six nominees, plus "No Award". Ogden Alfred Korzybski all of the above none of the above Weegy: Alfred Korzybski studied semantics. True Is there a more compact form? Which US President in this list signed the Emancipation Proclamation? Also, 6 is cannot be true since 5 would lead to a contradiciton. However, 5 does not answer the question either—it merely declares that there is no satisfactory answer listed among the answer choices. Because I am here, last in this set. His name order was chosen so that his name would always appear at the bottom of the ballot as "Znoneofthe, Above", although this only works federally as provincial election ballots do not list the candidates in surname order.[74]. None of the above. If statement A is the answer, then statement A is true; but does that imply that if statement A is true, then statement A is the answer? [..] I'm doing what I think the Electoral Commission should be doing and what should be on every ballot paper in any electoral process." How is secrecy maintained in movie production? Hence (2) is also Valid and eventually Terminating. With this in mind, let’s go back to the original: Once we stop treating “none of the above” as an answer to the question and start treating it as a statement about the other options, we can see that choices 2, 5, and 6 are all true statements. Republish any Flash projects to HTML5 before December 31, 2020, so they continue to work. So 6 is false. 9. But OP's question requires you to NOT treat the inner resolution as a dumb statement. To become an expert archer, Natasha dedicated long days to repetitive target drills. Regional settlement patterns are most affected by this physical ... For diffusion to occur, which condition must be met?


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