3rd corps, army of northern virginia

The Confederate line held by Anderson’s Division half of Pender’s and half of Heth’s the remainder of Corps ordered to report to General Longstreet as a support in the assault to be made on the Union position on Cemetery Ridge. Alfred C. Young III’s Complete Roster and Service Records of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia during the Overland Campaign is the first compilation of the entire roster and service records for all the various units that composed Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia during the 1864 Overland Campaign. strength: 360 men, 16 guns Commanded by Brigadier General William Mahone, Note: Gen. James J. Archer (c 7/1) Colonel Birkett D. Fry (w&c 7/3) Lt.

2 tour map) The actual location of the Third Corps headquarters on the second and third day of the battle was about 500 yards west of the monument. Captain Thomas A. Brander strength: 375 men, 20 guns The actual location of the Third Corps headquarters on the second and third day of the battle was about 500 yards west of the monument. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Monument to the 3rd Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg, Army of Northern VirginiaThird Army CorpsLieutenant General Ambrose P. Hill, Anderson’s Division Major General R. H. AndersonHeth’s Division Major General Henry HethBrigadier General J. J. PettigrewPender’s Division Major General William D. PenderBrigadier General James H. Lane,Major General I. R. TrimbleArtillery ReserveNine Batteries Colonel R. Lindsay Walker. The Armies at Gettysburg > The Army of Northern Virginia, Anderson’s Division (monument) The Corps occupied the same position. casualties: 8 killed, 24 wounded, 16 missing, 48 total, Danville (Virginia) Artillery (marker) GeneralAmbrose P. HillDivisionsMajor Genl. Captain William B. The troops fell back to former positions. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. General Anderson moved forward three brigades connecting with the left of McLaws’s Division and drove the Union forces from their position. Anderson’s Division extended to the right along the crest of hills facing Cemetery Ridge Pender’s Division occupying the crest from the Seminary and joining Anderson’s Division with Heth’s Division in reserve the artillery in position on Seminary Ridge. The two divisions bivouacked on the ground gained. July 4. Captain Edward A. Marye casualties: 780 killed, 1,935 wounded, 645+ missing, 3,360+ total, Pender’s Division (monument)

The newly created Third Corps was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill, a career army officer and West Point graduate (West Point Class of 1847) from Virginia. 2 Napoleons and 2 12-pounder Howitzers, Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery (marker) 2 Whitworth Rifles, 2 3″ Rifles, Johnson’s (Virginia) Artillery (marker) Colonel R. Lindsay Walker, McIntosh’s Artillery Battalion (monument) Lieutenant Samuel Wallace Captain William Crenshaw (West Confederate Avenue – Pt. 2 tour map). casualties: 1,660 killed, 4,470 wounded, 1,870+ missing, 8,000 total. 2 Napoleons, 2 3″ Rifles, Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery (marker) R. H. AndersonMajor Genl. 2.30 P. M. the right of Ewell’s Corps appeared on the left. Anderson’s Division was held in reserve. Major General Henry Heth Anderson’s right becoming separated from McLaws’s left and no support coming to these brigades they returned to their former line. strength: 6,735 men casualties: 345 killed, 1,140 wounded, 675 missing, 2,160 total, Heth’s Division (monument) Hurt k=killed, mw = mortally wounded, w=wounded, c = captured, r = relieved, ^ moved up to higher command, Monuments and Historical Markers at Chancellorsville, Monuments and Markers on the Cold Harbor battlefield, Monuments and markers on the Spotsylvania Battlefield, Monuments and markers on the Wilderness Battlefield, The Armies at the Battle of the Wilderness. 4 12-pounders, View from the roof of the State of Pennsylvania Monument, Tour the Battlefield – East Cavalry Field. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Order of Battle of Major General Ambrose Powell Hill's Third Army Corps of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia for the month of October, 1863 After resting an hour Heth’s Division formed line west of Willoughby Run and advanced with Pender’s Division in reserve. Casualties Killed 837 Wounded 4407 Missing 1491 Total 6735. The Corps was near Cashtown. July 1. Archer’s Brigade was driven across the run.

Colonel Samuel G. Shepard . The monument and the headquarters marker for the Third Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia are southwest of Gettysburg on West Confederate Avenue. … Anderson’s Division bivouacked two miles in rear.

Heth's Division opened the Battle of Gettysburg for the Army of Northern Virginia on July 1, then went on to take part in Pickett's Charge on July 3, suffering heavy casualties. Organization of Hill's 3rd Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg ... 3rd Corps Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill strength: 22,100 men. strength: 7,135 men Reserve batteries were placed facing the Union lines. Major David G. McIntosh The Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia was a military organization within the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during much of the American Civil War.It was officially created and named following the Battle of Sharpsburg in 1862, but comprised units in a corps organization for quite some time prior to that. (West Confederate Avenue – Pt.

It fought for the Confederate States of America during the late stages of the American Civil War.The corps was commanded by Richard H. Anderson during its short life and was combined with the Second Corps shortly before Lee's surrender on April 9, 1865. The Cavalry Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia was an organized unit of cavalry in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War.Starting out as a brigade in late 1861, becoming a division in 1862 and finally a Corps in 1863; it served in the Eastern Theater until the ANV's surrender in April 1865. 4 3″ Rifles, Purcell (Virginia) Artillery (marker) Organization of Anderson's Division of the 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia in the 1864 Civil War Battle of Cold Harbor outside Richmond, Virginia The Fourth Corps was a military unit formed in October 1864 within the Army of Northern Virginia of the Confederate Army.

Major William R.J. Pegram
2 Napoleons, 2 3″ Rifles, Letcher (Virginia) Artillery (marker) July 2. Captain Robert S. Rice Bronze tablets are set into the face of the base and on the cannon barrel. Captain Marmaduke Johnson 4 Napoleons, Hardaway (Alabama) Artillery (marker) strength: 7,460 men Lieutenant William E. Zimmerman Heth’s Division at 5 A. M. moved towards Gettysburg. But Hill played a relatively small part in the fight due to the illness that plagued him throughout the war. Henry HethMajor Genl. casualties: 520 killed, 1,340 wounded, 540 missing, 2,400 total, Artillery Reserve 3 P. M. the assault was made and failed. After a severe contest the Union forces were driven back and through the town. The First Corps ordered to attack the left of Union forces the Third Corps to cooperate. Archer's Brigade: Bde. The monument and the headquarters marker for the Third Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia are southwest of Gettysburg on West Confederate Avenue. It was erected in 1920 by the Gettysburg National Military Park Commission. casualties: 12 killed, 36 wounded, 3 missing, 51 total, Crenshaw (Virginia) Artillery (marker)

2 3″ Rifles and 2 Napoleons, 2nd Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery (marker) A division of Hill’s corps began the Battle of Gettysburg, two thirds of Pickett’s Charge was made up of Hill’s men, and the Third Corps suffered the highest Confederate casualties in the battle. Major General William D. Pender View from the roof of the State of Pennsylvania Monument, Tour the Battlefield – East Cavalry Field. Captain Joseph McGraw C.S.A.Armyof Northern Virginia3rd Corps HeadquartersLieut. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Pender’s Division was ordered forward. 2 Napoleons and 2 or 4 3″ Rifles, Pegram’s Artillery Battalion (monument) Two brigades with artillery advancing across Willoughby Run were soon engaged. About 1 P. M. the artillery along the line opened fire.

Major General Richard H. Anderson July 3. The headquarters marker is a Confederate-made 12-pounder Napoleon cast in Augusta, Georgia in 1864, set into a hexagonal granite base.
JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. The Corps took up the line of march during the night. William D. PenderJuly 1, 2, 3, 4, 1863, These headquarters were located ata farm-house 540 yards westerly.

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. June 1862 • to July > Commanded by Brigadier General Rufus King On June 26, 1862 the 3rd Division of the Department of the Rappahannock became the heart of the 1st Division of the 3rd Corps of the Army of Virginia.


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